eSignal Wrong Market Data without Support

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  1. ckpoon


    I subscribe to eSignal to get real-time Hang Seng Index Option prices. Since day one, the data has been wrong as the prices alternate between sudden plunges and normal market prices.


    I reported this problem to eSignal 2 months ago.

    Initially, the technical support said the problem was fixed. It was only when I found the problem still persisted that they said they would release a fix half a month later.

    Finally, the real-time market prices have been suspended altogether after the release of the fix. I reported the problem again and the technical did not got back to me.

    This is something very basic and yet the problem has not been resolved after 2 months.

    It is totally unbelievable such a world renowned data provide would provide such disappointing and frustrating service.

    Do you know what I can do in this case to have eSignal handle this problem? Thanks.
  2. Specterx


    Esignal has stagnated ever since they were bought by the money-grubbers at ICE. Still works well enough and I love the software, but you can tell that they slashed costs (support) and investment in the products to zero while fees go up every year.

    Next time somebody tells you consolation is good for the consumer, call them a fcking liar.
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  3. ckpoon


    This actually reflects their IT team has poor quality control. The didn't go through even basic usability tests before they released the shoddy real time data to the market.

    As the HK futures market is a major one, I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the "fringe" charts. This wouldn't even happen in a small local data service provider.

    Maybe it's just their tactic to make me unsubscribe the service
  4. I tried their 176$ package and also included market data worth over 100$ from major markets.
    I did not get any replies to my mails, had a few technical issues going on. I couldnt reach any live chat support, I tried calling their Europe office but no one answers. Says your are 2nd in line for like 10 minutes.

    If you don't want to do business just put on your website and say that our customer support sucks and if you buy any of our packages worth 176$/month you are in Gods hand.

    Although I had market datas for corresponding markets, the tickers responded in the morning session but after 40-45 minutes everything froze. Tickers stopped responding.

    I canceled my free trial immidiately (120$ +25$ Activation fee went to trash)
    Lets see if they make my 176$ refund.
    I am still in search of a good charting software that covers major equity markets in the globe. I've been using tradingview but their support has also gone bad. I have Pro+ membership with them but it takes over 6-7 hrs for them to reply or even not (Even though you have priority)
    If anyone know a good company to recommend in terms of charting software with real-time market data on major equities I would appreciate it. Thanks