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  1. Thank you, Jay and 50_cent. It seems that I now have 2 options. Although I am vaguely familiar with the pop-out window, and I am more likely to use this alternative, I have a question regarding 50_cent's method of multiple application of eSignal. In order to run eSignal separately and simultaneously, is it necessary to install the program in two different directories?



    P.S. Jay, if I pop out a chart in one layout and move it to the other screen, what happens to that popped out window when I switch layouts in the first monitor? Does it remain or does it close along with the associated layout?
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  2. No, you just double click the eSignal icon twice, and it is launched twice.

    Popping out the windows is a much better alternative.

    I used to use 2 instances of eSignal when I had only one monitor. I wanted to watch 2 layouts at once, but had only one monitor, and switching layouts was really slow (slow computer). So I had two instances running and simply flipped among them all the time using Alt+Tab. Worked like a charm.
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    I've been using e-Signal with other software for 3 years now on my (8) monitor system. Everything works well; dragging windows, stretching charts, having everything remain where I left it on shutting down. I've been using the pop out windows lately and I like their additional usability to overlay on any applications that I'm running. Overall I am very happy with e-Signal.
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  4. 8 monitors.. damn..
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    A popped out window is part of the layout, so unless that window is present in your other layout, then it would close upon closing the layout.
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  7. damn.. I use 2 monitors with 1600x1200 resolution. I could use another one I guess, but so far for a piker like me, it is not justified.
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