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  1. Toolbars just fine here, eSignal stretched on 3monitors, Windows XP Pro.
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  2. I noted that esignal includes non-US data feeds for futures as well as tick charts. The base product is not too expensive. I would like some actual esignal futures data users to provide some comments.

    The ratings section in ET for esignal is somewhat inactive and stale however it does raise some questions.

    Does it run under XP?
    Does the application freeze or lock-up? Or is it buggy?
    What about those 1 minute pauses the one reviewer mentioned? Any of that sort of thing?
    What about tick filtering and bad data for futures?
    What about the availability and reliability of the data feed?
    Any noticable lags or delays (if you've been able to compare it with other data services on the same machine)?
    Any recent improvements in the software, network, data feed, or tick accuracy?
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  3. I use it under WinXP for trading ES, NQ, ER (Russell) mainly.
    I am pleased by the product and was before a Qchart/ StockWatch Pro user.

    The 1mn pause was because I used 15 studies based on OHLC data. As Matt said in his post, the OHLC studies were slow (see his techie comment) but it is now corrected in the next release.
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  4. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Puffygems, eSignal does run on XP. We have many users on it. Actually I must say XP is much nicer than I thought it would be from the reviews, and I recommend it.

    Also, you can never have a PC that is too fast or has too much memory. The new system I got runs eSignal much better. With the more advanced features like charting and EFS, more work is done on the desktop - so a fast system pays off.

    On the data feed, most exchanges are direct. The few that aren't, some European Futures exchanges, are in the process of being switched over to direct in the next few months.

    We are also slowly adding Asian exchanges. Within the next year, many of them will be live. Also, as you can see from the board here, many new features coming on fast.

    Also check the egroups board:

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  5. Chuck,

    Can you give us more informations on the server side :

    What futures exchanges are non direct ?

    What is the migration plan ?

    When do you plan to do the changes on the tick server to support a larger history ? (I guess for the launch of eSignal 7.1 with backtesting feature?)

    What are the next equity markets / futures markets you plan to add ?

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  6. Just for information :

    Here is are some interesting informations on exchanges list :

    1. List of markets available on InteractiveBrokers thanks to Universal account but not available on eSignal :
    Sydney Futures Exchange (SNFE)
    Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE)

    2. List of markets discussed on InteractiveBrokers June survey and not available in eSignal :
    Australian Stock Market
    Canadian derivatives market (not sure)
    Italian Future & derivatives market
    Japanese Stock market
    Japanese Future market
    Korean Commodities
    Spanish Derivatives markets (not sure)

    3. List of markets available on Quotespeed, Tenfore competitor flow (but more expensive too) and not available at eSignal :
    Athens Stockexchange level I 25 euros
    Athens Stockexchange Level II 35 euros
    Athens Derivatives 10 euros

    Xetra Europe stars (free)
    Xetra Europe stars with level II (free)
    Xetra US stars 4 euros
    Xetra US stars with Level II 6 euros
    Deutsche Borse + Xetra with regional markets
    and Level II 23 euros
    Eurex Level II 12 euros

    Euronext Level II 20 euros

    IPE without US 35 pounds

    Irish Level II 8 euros
    Italian Level II (28 euros)
    SWX Level II (50 CHF)

    RUSSEX (100$)

    --------> Question is : will you adapt Level 2 screen to display european markets level II ?
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  7. gspiker


    If you have saved the layout and set it up as the default, toolbars SHOULD come up right every time.

    If after doing this they don't, then I think it is a bug.
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  8. gspiker


    Let me caveat all this by saying YMMV.

    >Does it run under XP?

    Yes, many people are doing this. I prefer W2K,
    so I am not.

    >Does the application freeze or lock-up? Or is it >buggy?

    I had problems with freezing...getting one every day or two. I got an early access to a fix a little over a month ago and have only had one hang since then. I'm not sure if I can blame the app on that one.

    Others are getting constant freezing from what they report. So your milage may vary a lot on this. I really excersice the heck out of ES, so
    it isn't releated to just load.

    I keep my service packs and recommended patches up to date and use high end Dell products - this may or may not be the reason I see fewer problems.

    >What about those 1 minute pauses the one reviewer >mentioned? Any of that sort of thing?

    Never seen em. But I have DSL and Cable...

    >What about tick filtering and bad data for >futures?

    I almost never see bad data. But some bad ticks do get through. This will be improved in a later release.

    >What about the availability and reliability of >the data feed?

    Never had a problem. Much better than most other vendors.

    >Any noticable lags or delays (if you've been able >to compare it with other data services on the >same machine)?

    I haven't. But a lot will depend on routing paths for lag. And it will vary from day to day. My suggestion (as always) is to get high speed connections with two different ISP's who sit on different backbones. I have noticed huge differences based on which backbone I sit on with some data vendors (haven't with eSignal though).

    >Any recent improvements in the software, network, >data feed, or tick accuracy?

    Lots of good improvements in features.
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  9. For cartm, by the way there is already a chatroom included in eSignal called eSignal Chat and available in Research menu...
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  10. Neil


    As previously mentioned by plenty of people - formulas within quote boards are vital for me.. as a soon to be ex-erlangerquote user I really miss that in esignal!

    Also, are there any plans to add a scrolling function for charts? As in setting off scrolling through charts from a quote board symbol list... that is a great feature of EQ and also add-ons for esignal such as neoticker.. is excellent when you have a short list of interesting stocks to sit back and let them flow past..

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