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  1. Hello,

    This feature is very rare but very interesting :

    using Time and sales you calculate the volume per price level and not the classical volume per bar.

    A spectrum bar is drawn on the right of the screen near each price level. The longer the bar the more volume there has been on this price level.

    A spectrum bar is calculated for all the bars displayed on the screen so when you extend the graph to get more bars the spectrum information changes also.

    The use ? Find real support & resistance

    Volume is always refering to a bar, the spectrum shows the volume per price level .
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  2. I have not seen anyone suggest that esignal has cured the bad tick problem yet.

    To me, this is a real problem in as much as one bad tick completely screws up the chart visuals, and, there are so many bad ticks.

    As much as everyone bashes Qcharts, this is one area in which they shine. Bad ticks are taken care of quickly and automatically.

    I will insist on the same from esignal before re-subscribing.

    BTY, I have had Qcharts for 2 years, esignal twice, realtick twice, and am now subscribing to nextrend for the second time.

    Still looking for the perfect charting program. (Qcharts comes close except for reliability, just a small consideration)

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  3. I agree. The bad tick issues is central. Although I am sure I read on another thread from Esignal support that they are working on a solution.
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  4. gspiker


    I did see something posted by someone at eSignal that said they were going to improve the filtering they do. I don't recall the specifics. I think it was something like "in a future release we will improve our tick filtering." it was pretty vague.

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  5. cartm


    Is the bad tick data on stocks futures, or both? I think before they do anything they need to resolve this issue, if they havnt already. All of this other stuff thats being discussed is meaningless if the data is incorrect. How often are you guys experiencing this problem, daily? If this is true, it would throw off most if not all formulas and certainly indicators. Plus backtesting is futile since the info could be incorrect. I would like to hear more about this and getting it resolved, this product is too good to have bad data screw it up.
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  6. gspiker


    In my experience it isn't all that bad...certainly not even close to everyday or even every week for any one security/future.

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  7. spectre


    When prices push through physical chart limits, the price scale changes to accomodate all data points, hence altering the scale of the chart. Resizing the chart window manually sometimes doesn't correct this. A button (checkbox) to lock the chart price scale, and maybe an option to manually select desired price scale would be nice.
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  8. It could be an intersting feature to have zoom directly on the axes as QChart. If you click with the mouse on price axe it will zoom+ if you move the mouse to top of the graph and zoom- if you move to the bottom. The same with the timescale if you move to the right it zoom+ the timescale and zoom- on reverside. Very quick while you trade.
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  9. Would it be possible to include some tools for options to visualize the graph of an option strategy for example and put a small cursors realtime on it to show where you are compared to this graph...
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  10. Win XP 1600x1200, eSignal spread on multiple screens

    The toolbars can't remember when they were situated on the screen and each time I open the application they are at a random position on the screen...annoying...hope eSignal 7.02 corrects it...
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