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  1. Hello guys,

    With the new eSignal 7 release, Matt Gundersen and all the team at eSignal have introduced a very nice product.

    Unfortunately the feature lists is decided a bit secretly and it is difficult for us to prioritize what is really needed as an enhancement and what is a gadget.

    So this thread, as was the case for IB thread is dedicated to discussion about how to enhance eSignal to make it a better product...
  2. Here is an extract from Chuck@eSignal about what is planned for the future :

    first :
    eSignal 7.02 with bug corrections is planned for next week (Chuck 14/6)

    Then :
    eSignal 7.1 (beta in July)
    - Backtesting

    - Integration with new brokers : words about CyberTrader and InteractiveBrokers

    - Advanced tick charts : tick by tick, barchart with x number of ticks, barchart with x number of seconds

    - Mix of real time and delayed exchanges (I guess it means to have access with delayed data to exchanges where you don't pay the exchange fees - so far it is impossible in opposite with for example Qcharts)

    - Improved EFS (?)

    - Improved Advanced Charting (?)

    - and other items (?)

    eSignal 7.2
    - SuperMontage support
  3. Copied from a previous elite post from North Pesos :

    as ThePerm have mentionned, quote sheet are very usefull for a daytrader and for many of us, this is the best way for to trig a signal on a basket of stocks, because we can have a bigger view over the market with a very limited space on the screen. I love graphic, (I have 6 monitors) but I have alway a quotesheet for to follow activity over about 100 stocks each day. The alarm on stock are too many limited for to be an alternative.

    I don't want feature for to obtain a gadget, I dislike these thing that use too many CPU time, but I think that this feature will be a competitive adavantage.

    Your suggestion for to start a thread about required enhancements for eSignal is a nice idea.
  4. I do also think Quotesheet enhancement is a must ...

    I would like to see the same features we can now find in for example Ravenquote/Erlangerquote or Stockwatch pro :

    - I would like to be able to have a lot more fields available, including fields like RSI value, MACD value and so on (of course for this column you would be able to define the timeframe), or simple formula like high(d,1) that would display the high of the previous day (we would be able to edit our own formula with a simple subset of EFS things like (High+Low+Close)/3 should be no problem)

    - This columns could also display a small graphical indicator to display the MACD, RSI, Stoch and so on

    - Ability to define alerts on those columns : If Colum>70 then display message box (with the text I want)


    As previously said, a daytrader need to see many informations at the same time and if we want to follow 50 stocks for example it can be easier for the eyes to follow it in a quotesheet than to follow 50 graphs....
  5. First enhancement I would like to see on EFS is a real documentation with lots of examples in it.

    Then I must admit EFS so far is very slow. I use 12 EFS formulas on 3 different graphs and when I launch my workspace, my computer (Athlon XP 2100 and 1 Go DDR) blocks for 1 mn just to calculate the values...

    Third enhancement : a debugger / Trace feature or at least more advanced error messages ... If you have a bug in your EFS, it is tough to find it...

    Last enhancement : a FTP site (included in eSignal with a small icons) : when launched eSignal (disabled by an option) should check whether there is an update available, and whether there are new EFS scripts on this FTP and propose a download (we could also choose whether we want to automatically download those EFS without any message box)...Plus : the FTP site will be organized so that we can also put some workspaces and advanced charts models on it. There should be a public and a eSignal section. Public section would allow us to send & receive EFS, adv charts prepared by other traders...All of this should be included in a menu....

    I do think they work on the FTP site but not sure if they see it the way I see it.
  6. - "real" DDE support - historical
    - tick data into DDE / export
    - did I say DDE ?!?!?!?
  7. What is lacking so far in eSignal :

    - Market profile with POC

    - Candle Volume & Equivolume
  8. I know eSignal have an external product for that but it is not done for daytraders...

    I would like to see in eSignal :

    - hotlists like in Qcharts : I think this is a must!

    - ability to scan for a pattern : the pattern would be define by the subset of EFS code (that I described a bit in Quotesheet section) : it means you would be able to scan for RSI>70 & ADX<17 and so on....

    - ability to scan for a graph pattern : this is pattern recognition a la Neoticker : with your mouse you select a part of the graph and you ask eSignal to scan for this pattern in the market ...Neoticker can do it (But I hate their user interface)...
  9. It could be very usefull to have the support for the COM object, this is better and faster than DDE, and more reliable.
  10. You mean ActiveX support (like IB did with TWS)
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