Esignal - Where is your Symbols Database?

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    Esignal - Where is your symbols database for NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ECBOT, CME, etc., etc.

    For Example:

    If I'm a trader and SEMI's are HOT today, where do I go and find all holdings or symbols for SMH? For all the money I pay Esignal, I'm sure I don't need to go to an external website like AMEX, copy the symbols, dump them in excel, open a new quote window in excel and dump them in. Please tell me there's another way to do this...
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    another esignal question...
    my sp emini 60 min. charts start and end on the hour, how do I program for them to start and end on the half hour. tks.
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    The Hot Groups Scan Window is what you would need to do this. Here's a few images to show what visually it looks like, and you'll notice in the second image there's an Export List button to send those symbols to a Quote Window of your choosing. For more information about this Scan Window, please visit this KB article.

    Hot Groups Scan's Group List
    Hot Groups Scan's Stocks List
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    You would do this with a Time Template, preferrably set to Automatic Start/End Times... like this.

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    noted, tks
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    i don't see that option - do i have to pay for that? - other vendors such as dtn prohet and TS provide sector and symbol database internally within the application for FREE considering that would be a core component necessary to trade with...
  8. eSignal wants to milk you for all you are worth, in other words, they just said...

    "If you want stuff to work, you have to pay us more, because we are money hungry and don't give a $!^* about our customers"


    Don't worry, there are hundreds that are dis-satisfied just as you, me included.
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    The Hot Groups Scan Window is an Add-on feature to eSignal.

    One alternative is QCharts from They have Sector Lists built in.
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