Esignal wacky $TICK

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bundlemaker, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Anyone else having this problem today? Data for $TICK is all screwed up, almost every 5 min bar showing around -1000 as a low.
  2. Looks fine here.
  3. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    You likely have log-scale turned on, which isn't compatible with symbols that drop below 0. To turn this off, right-click, select Scaling, then Log Scale.
  4. Jay, yes, thx, that's what it was. It confused me when the support staff person seemed to concur that a problem existed. I hadn't checked scaling because I never changed it.

    Is there any circumstances whereby the scaling will just change on its own?
  5. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    Not that I've seen. It could have been a number of things that may have caused it.

    1) It was accidently clicked either in the right-click menu or Adv. Chart Toolbar.
    2) A Style Template that had that setting already set.
    3) A corrupt page/layout that turned that feature on.