eSignal vs. TS Tick Charts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Wood474, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Wood474


    Quick question, I've seen the 512 etc Tick charts on Tradestation. Can they be replicated on eSignal? I had a demo with eSignal but couldn't work out how to get an identical tick chart as I've seen on TS.
  2. All vendors compute tick charts differently.
  3. the difference in tick charts between vendor wont make or brake a trader i.e. using TS over esignal for exemple is irrelevant in that case.
  4. Wood474


    But within reason they are pretty much the same?
  5. Aok


    Probably close but almost certainly will be slight differences.

    Dont forget both companies have limits as to how far back you can calculate tick charts.

    And it takes longer to compile tick charts if you're watching more than 1 stock/future with Esig it might take ALOT longer to switch stocks or tick time frames.

    If you're only trading 1 thing, moot point.