Esignal vs Tradestation

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 123r34, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I have had e-signal for 3 years and it has worked well. I am moving my trading accounts and need a new trading platform. Tradestation says they offer a great trading platform, charting and brokerage all in one. I am looking for experienced opinions on e-signal vs Tradestation and also the quality of Tradestation's trading platform and brokerage. I trade stocks and futures currently but may add Forex later. Thank you
  2. Tradestation has some excellent charting capabilities....same as eSignal. However....while I use TS for the charts....I tried their the e-mini's....and I think it is Stoneage....compared to NinjaTrader....and some others.

    I am basically a Scalper....and the Matrix was much slower than NinjaTrader....which I now use. I have also used J-Trader for several years now....and really like it as well.

    I liked TS for trading stocks....but I haven't traded stocks for years now.

  3. With TradeStation you need to wait 10 mins everytime to get to get to Client Services on the phone. I really like eSignal's LiveRep feature.
  4. You would be lucky if you only had to wait 10minutes. Check out the TS forum befoe trading with them.

    There charts are excellent. If they ever get the Matrix to working like to fit my needs....I would love to trade with TS....but there is no way I would do that least for Futures.

    For Stocks....I think is good for trading.