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    Anyone try out the new esignal ver. 7.0 yet? Curious how their new charts compare with's charts. I'd like to use an all-in-one application for my charts, option chains, stocks, and futures quotes, and if esignal's charts are up to snuff, then I might not have to use plus plus various other sources for stock and option data anymore. Any comments are appreciated.
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    unable to compare, never tried the others ... happy with eSignal 7.0


  3. Essentially, the new eSignal charts are structured on Advanced GET charting. Exactly the same since I have GET. Works well.
  4. A reliable source told me that this is because one of the original developers of Advanced GET is now working for Esignal.

  5. Formerly a big limitation of esignal was the amount of intraday data you could retrieve. Have they resolved that yet?
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    I assume you mean that you could not get intraday for more than a couple days back. I don't know but I'm sure that Esignal Tech support will contact you. They are monitoring the board very closely.

    By the way, it looks like SBSA broke resistance today. What was your gut feeling? Break out or pull back. Should be interesting to see if it falls back through support/resistance tommorow.

  7. I recently switched from qcharts to ESIGNAL. Here are my thoughts:

    1.) qcharts is still better looking I think, but I could not get reliable data. I also use the data to feed omnitrader. QCHARTS's flaky data caused omnitrader to crash often.

    2.) ESIGNAL's news is also much better.

    3.) ESIGNAL's tick chart is all but useless, forced to pay extra for ENSIGN add-on.
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    Thanks for the responses so far. Guess I'll have to try out esignal and compare it for myself. Good luck everyone.
  9. i've used both. I just found unreliable. eSignal on the other hand is rock solid. The new eSignal 7 has much better charts than before and are at least as good as QCharts. I don't know any reason why you would choose over eSignal.
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    Here's what I 've found so far in comparing the esignal charts vs.'s qcharts. Esignal has really fixed up their charts nicely to rival qcharts. I've found that some of the technical indicators might be slightly different from one another even though I have the settings identical. The only drawback to esignal is that you still can't mix and match real-time and delayed futures exchanges (if you follow commodities). So I can't look at a chart of any commodity that I haven't paid up for a real-time agreement. Meanwhile, Qcharts lets you mix and match so I could conceivably look at a chart of any commodity on any exchange, albeit delayed. Esignal also has option chains for commodities whereas qcharts doesn't. Esignal on the other hand is twice as expensive than qcharts and has a symbol limit, so it still may be a toss-up depending on what you're looking for out of a datafeed provider. Hope this helps anybody.
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