Esignal vs. Qcharts.

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  1. I switched to Esignal from Qcharts after reading some posts here. At first I did not see much difference but after almost a month I have to say that Esignal seems much more steady. I cant recall one stall in the last two weeks and they happened daily on qcharts. I am posting this for those of you trying to decide which way to go.
  2. I also switched from QCharts to eSignal about 2 months ago. QCharts data feed has too many holes in it. I really like the new charts that eSignal has that is still in beta. One problem with eSignal that I have is I also use AIQ software for market timing, sector rotation and TA scans. The down load for AIQ from eSignal at night has not always worked for me. I can always get it 30 minutes prior to the open, but I like to have more time to review the data prior to the open. I have contacted tech support at eSignal a number of times, however the people who answer the phone do not know much about the down loads and they are not willing to get out of the chairs to try and figure anything out. But during market hours I have found eSignal to be solid.
  3. easyrider or anyone,

    Does eSignal offer Emini Futures and does the software allow an ALL SESSION setting?

    Nihaba Ashi
  4. Yes the CME $10/month applies. The eminis time can be set to "all" hours. I usually just show about the prior 2 hours to the open til the close on my charts. The $79/month(annual pay) will include access to eminis.
  5. I notice one little quirk in that the emini charts axis labels are scaled on the price of the big contract with increments of .10 rather than .50. Its not a problem tho.
  6. [1] Is that Esignal 7.0 charts that works well???????????????????????

    [2] Do the charts have premarket hours?????????????????????

    [3]Did they increase their somewhat inadequate number of stock leaders. That is volume, +% gainers window used to have only 10 stocks????????????????????????????????????

    P.s. Good to hear from you again Jabez1947.:)
  7. I've been using 7.0 for a few weeks now and I like it. The chart can be set to 24 hours a day if you like. Dont know about the active lists. Dont do stocks.
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    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I switched from Qcharts to Esignal and now i'm in hell. Esignal is so fast and is never delayed... BUT THE STUFF THEY CALL DATA IS CRAP.

    They deliver you shit in a nanosecond. Now i'm not here to slander Esignal but they are having major problems. There tick servers have bad ticks... if you know what that is, you know what it can do to a chart.... and to top it off, you can't choose what server you want... so some are good and some are bad. To top it off, you don't know when you are getting bad ticks, unless you constantly compare one data service to another.

    If you don't know what bad ticks can do to a chart... it's not the price thats messed up, it's how the bars are drawn. Compare the bars of the different charts... they are all different!!!!!

    I'm not saying qcharts is great or anything, and thats why i switched... they are slow, and they are slow, and they are slow..
    but at least when the data gets there, it's good data. And if a tick server is messed up on qcharts... you can manually route to another server.

    If you know of a reliable data provider, and I mean reliable as in fast and accurate... pls share it with me.
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    I tried esignal.. lots of good stuff about it.. but I think qcharts based charts (I use EQ) are the best.. its sad they are prone to slowness altho lately I have not noticed much delays..

    Just did not like esignal.. stock limits are hard to get used to for one thing. If EQ used esignal feed I would be happy to switch but would have to pay extra for more stocks on screen at once..

    The scanner on EQ is great I think too.. can scan for any criteria I like in real time.. and display in quote board any amount of results..


  10. I read a post from EQ owner they were looking into 2 other feeds(either of which is Esignal). They said it would take a major rewrite of their software so they would be making their decisions very carefully.(read slowly).

    So bottom line there is hope for an ideal feed AND an ideal front end.
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