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  1. What dataservice would you recommend, eSignal or Qcharts?

    Thank you
  2. To answer that question in a useful way, you need to be much more specific about what you want and need. To some people that are pretty close. To others they are worlds apart. I've used both extensively and each has their high and low points. My experience is not great with customer service from either. IMHO, the only way to tell is to really give both a work out.
  3. i've used q charts from 2000 and i am thinking about switching, i finally got my workspace to how i like it, but i am about to research others.
  4. Their are lots of threads on both.There are also a lot of reviews in the software section. Probably be able to get a faster take by looking at those.
  5. Ok thank you..

    I read that Qcharts realtime is delayed compared to eSignals. But Qcharts has more intraday data.
  6. It's really depends on what are your needs, you can also check RealTick, IQFeed, etc.

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    I have both
  8. And...?
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    hard to make the choice, there are some goods some bads in both, you see.
  10. Which are?
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