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    Which is better data feed - eSignal or IQFeed?
  2. Better is a quite subjective! Best customer services, best price, best data options, best software they provide, best supported applications the data feeds...

    Not trying to be difficult, just recognizing that your question might need a little more focus.

    IQ Feed is significantly cheaper, and if you order it as an Amibroker customer, real-time futures are included in the $50/month.

    Their support is great too; although I have been happy with Esignal's support in the past.

    Most charting programs support both data providers.

    hth - keep asking questions:)
  3. Aok


    People swear by and at both.

    You never know till you place your bet.

    Ive used both. And still use Iqfeed.

    For stocks performance difference is nil.

    For futures thats something else. And so is price.

    Esig has added lots of bells and whistles over the years and that costs. $$$ and it is resource hungry. Dont have a wimpy machine and try to run Esig.

    Both have 1000's of customers so they cant be all bad. Trial em and see what works for you.
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    I love my IQFeed:D
  5. whos the best on reliability and data quality? how do they compare to CQG?
  6. squeeze


    All the esignal data comes from Comstock and tends to be a bit rough.

    DTN get most their data direct from the exchanges but the data quality is also pretty rough. IQFeed is actually surprisingly reliable in my experience and more reliable than esignal. If DTN were to put some effort in sorting out data quality issues it would be a really good feed.

    CQG is used by a lot of prop futures traders and works well for this. For stock trading you could probably find something better.

    If you want a really fast accurate and reliable feed with broad product covergage then it has to be bloomberg or Reuters.

    I haven't tried it but this might be worth a look as it uses Reuters data
  7. >squeeze

    >I haven't tried it but this might be worth a look as it uses >Reuters data

    FYI the realtime tick charts (Athena Charts)in that platform miss ticks like crazy.
    I tried for over a year to get them to fix it. While they admitted
    the problem existed they were never able to resolve it.
    If you don't need realtime tick charts, it's quite good.
  8. squeeze


    Doesn't surprise me.

    To get anything that's right you normally have to end up spending a lot of money on professional products.
  9. >squeeze

    Forgot to say that the Athena Charts in that platform are
    just a toy compared to eSignal charts. If you want somewhat
    better charts, you must add Metastock to the platform.
    But then it's costly, and IMO is far from equal@to eSignal.
  10. squeeze


    Never really liked esignal charts but still have an old copy of 2000i running.

    More interested in basic accuracy than anything else.
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