esignal vs. DTN.IQ

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    I took a trail on DTN.IQ to check out it's Eurex-data. I found the the feed to be reliable, however it lagged 1 to 2 sec''s in comparison with IB. TThey offer tick-data on the ESTX-50 as well. There also was a lag on the e-mini's of about 0.5 to 1 sec. in comparison with IB. On the e-mini's e-signal has been right on par with IB lately. My personal choice is
    e-signal/ensign for e-mini's and Sierra/IB for ESTX-50.
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    Does the DTN feed cache historical data like esignal and if so, how much historical intraday data does it provide?

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    Q: Which is a better Internet feed: eSignal or IQFeed?
    A: The two feeds are basically equivalent. You will be happy with either one.
    Q: Are there features in the eSignal version that are superior to the IQFeed version?
    A: Playback files can be built for only the current day in the IQFeed version.
    eSignal daily history is available for 10 years versus IQFeed daily history is from 1999.
    eSignal has contract continuation symbols like ES #F and IQFeed does not.
    Q: Are there features in the IQFeed version that are superior to the eSignal version?
    A: The options model is much easier to use because of automatic option chains.
    The news stories display quickly on the news form without needing a web browser to show.
    The news has a great ability to look up stories for a specific symbol for past several days.
    IQFeed intra-day refresh is for 120 calendar days versus 60 market days for eSignal.
    Ensign displays several fundamentals such as PE, EPS, assets, liabilities, volatility, name.
    Q: Are there any problems with Ensign Windows running with the IQFeed?
    A: No. Be sure to download and use the latest version of Ensign Windows and IQFeed.
    Q: If I have another version of Ensign Windows, where do I install the IQFeed version?
    A: Install Ensign Windows in the same C:\Ensign folder. The IQFeed version will replace your
    other version. Your workspaces, templates, and studies will be retained. The futures and
    index symbols use a different format, so you will have to fix your workspaces.
    Q: What is the IQFeed symbol for the e-mini and the Dow Jones Industrial index?
    A: @ESM3 and INDU.X
    Q: What is the symbol limit for the IQFeed?
    A: 500 symbols can be watched simultaneously. Ensign automatically adds and removes the
    options chain symbols from the watch list as the options page is opened and closed.