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  1. What's your thought on these two data providers? Has anyone here used both of them? Is there really a big difference now adays between these two feeds? It seems Esignal has been doing a heck of a job updating their live data feeds etc. Would going with CQG (a professional) provider provide a higher more reliable quality feed over Esignal or would it just be a waste of money? Basically I want to know who can provide the most up to date live feed - price wise? (trading mostly E-mini's and futures plus a few stock as of right now).

    Thanks for you help.
  2. esignal rocks--and I've used a lot of data feeds...
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    I agree ......E-Signal Rocks.....

    I've used TradeStation, Real Tick, Metastock, TC 2000
    ( and others that don't count).
    Esig is the best for me by far.

    I have not used CQG..... so would like to hear from those who have.
    What do you get for all those BIG $$$$$$$$$$
  4. ZBear - I agree has anyone tried CQG? And your thought's?
  5. CQG: very reliable data feed, nice product with very easy to use programming language, used in most banks' trading rooms, expensive (around 1000/mth satellite, 600 internet).
    The individual trader does not seem to interest them. I used them while working for a bank. Kept them for 6months when I left to trade my own money. Left CQG because of their bad consumer service (at least, when you are a small client) and false promises (and i am not the only one in Europe to have had this kind of problems with them...).
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    what kind of problems did u have to have to call cust service? was it tech related or account related?
  7. Tech: hopefully, I knew the software very well because the only time I had a problem with a formula, I never got a reply (when working at the bank, someone from cqg was coming once per month... but we had at least 50 cqg's)

    Account: there is no price on their website: when I first called them to show my interest in their product, they told me to sign quickly because their pricing policy was going to change. I sign, they tell me my price is fixed for a year ... but they change it after the first month. I don't agree and they say ok new price but 50% off you next monthly payment. Three months later, i was still waiting fot these 50%. I live in Europe, their commercial service was in France and accounting service in London. Paris always said: we have to check with London and London always said: we have to check with Paris....

    When you are paying for a Mercedes, you don't expect to be treated like that.
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    Keep up with the competition or perish....

    Sounds like they are courting Bankruptcy....

    But who knows ?
  9. No I don't think they are courting bankrupcy. They are more instistutional than retail, that's a choice.
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    Marathon, how long ago was your experience with them? I have been using them for a while now and i think their customer service is top notch. I am unsure about their branch in France( i go through Milan), but i haven't had any problems of that sort. Their data is the cleanest i've experienced and works fine on my 64kbps connection. I am paying 470$ per month for cqgnet with cme, eurex and amex enabled. The reason i am using cqg instead of other vendors is because my broker( offers cqg/otto in addition to j trader. J trader uses too much bandwidth i've been told, and i was intrigued with entering orders straight of the charts. So far my experience has been great.
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