Esignal versus StockWatchPro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bundlemaker, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. Does anyone have experience with both these programs? I'm currently using Qcharts with SWP. It does some things I can't even do with Realtick in the area of scanning. The downside is SWP must have been programmed by beginners. It crashes, charts don't work, preferences don't save, interval synch with Qcharts doesn't work properly, etc etc. So I have the following questions about Esignal:

    1) In quote sheets, can I have a column for "Gap Open" and a column for "Change from Open". These are absolute musts.

    2) I use 200ma's on 5 and 15minute charts. Esignal didn't have this before, do they now?

    3) Can I strip off all the toolbars for each chart so I can maximize my screen space. I don't want all that crap on each window. I love qcharts in this respect, nothing but the title bar.

    4) Esignal used to be a pain with symbols, I currently scan a universe of about 350 stocks with custom formulas. Can I do this with latest esignal

    Thanks for any input
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    I can't help you with SWP but here's a few answers re: eSignal.

    1) There is a field for "Change from Open". Unfortunately there is none for "Gap" and I've bugged their dev team about it. They thought it was a good idea (duh) and will include it in a future release..

    2) Yes and Yes.

    3) You can strip toolbars, favorites bars, snapshot bars, even the title bar if you want to maximize screen space.

    4) Sorry, don't know the answer since I only use about 3 dozen symbols.