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  1. Could anyone who knows kindly say whether the esignal data feed is any way better than that offered by mytrack for the purposes of intra day trading stocks, eminis. I already aware that mytrack's eurex data is better feed than their esignal equivelant. Any informative responses will be welcome.


    P.S. I am currently an esignal user.
  2. I have just realised that esignal have "about" three months of intraday data on their server (will shortly rise to 12 months) as opposed to mytrack who I think only about 2 weeks of intra day data.

    Theres a bit of gueswork in the above figures but I`m not that far off at all.
  3. Esignal is good because you can use third party software like Tradestation2000i and MetaStock.
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    I use MetaStock and am planning to use eSignal for streaming data as it seems to get the highest marks.

    The problem is that it is expensive and I don't need most of what eSignal provides - graphs, indicators etc. etc. I generate those myself. All I need is a straight data feed - nothing else.

    Is there a streaming data provider that supplies nothing but the basic signal - tick-by-tick of a given market - and nothing else for a more reasonable price?
  5. I did you use another real time service to feed MetaStock when I first started trading and I had to use a software program called Omnicom to transfer the data between the real time feed and MetaStcok and it was very unreliable,if you want to use MetaStock I think Esignal is your best bet for Data Feed.
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    I was wondering this also.. I use esignal feed now too but wondering if I might switch to mytrack.. I never use esig charting as IRT charts are better so unless mytrack is slower feed seems no reason not to use mytrack as it is a lot cheaper.. anyone experienced both feeds and noted any significant differences?

  7. I haven't used MyTrack for a few years, but the charting capability was not up to par. They may have improved, however.
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    I use InvestorRT for charting max.. so that is not a problem.. its really only whether the feed speed and reliability is similar to esignal that is the question for me.. I use IB for trading so not interested in them for anything other than data delivery..

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    I use mytrack and I have a friend that uses e-signal. I first noticed for the s&p e-mini that mytrack lagged j-trader by 1-3 seconds. I then compared mytrack to e-signal and noticed that e-signal kept up with j-trader, but mytrack lagged both. For me it is not that big a problem, but if one is scalping, then it probably would be.
  10. That is:

    Metastock with eSignal
    MyTrack with AmiBroker
    MyTrack with Sierra Chart
    MyTrack with Fibonacci Trader
    DtnIq with AmiBroker
    DtnIq with Ensign.

    Not to speak of QuoteTracker...

    MyTrack has 16 days of 1 minute bars for MSFT and IBM: I have just tried it. I suppose it is the same for all stocks.

    MyTrack's feed is probably as good as eSignal's: it is very likely that different performance depends on Internet connection and routing.

    One caveat: 10yrs Notes futures, have data in 1/32, instead of 1/32,5.

    MyTrack has one subscriprition for all their feed (FOREX included): by paying exchange fees you bet real time data, but still get delayed for all the other exchanges thay have. Also, no area fees, no surcharges to have (say) stocks and commodities together; no surcharges to mix delayed and real time.

    I use them, because I can pay monthly.

    IqFeed has longer history available (tick by tick also available) + better news, but you have to pay one year to get decent rate.

    My experience with MyTrack's customer service was better than with IqFeed's.

    Regarding real time charting software: skipped Metastock (I admit I gave it a try getting it through WinMX) and chose AmiBroker. For just 200 $ AB is definitely more flexible and has much better support available directly from the developer.
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