eSignal Version 10.2 Now Available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by FaithTrader, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Forex Window, Morningstar Reports and Improved Interface are among Updates

    In response to active user feedback, eSignal 10.2 includes a number of upgrades and new features. A new Forex Window designed to meet the needs of currency traders and features the flags from relevant countries to denote each side of the currency pair and raised digits, which represent the most important last two numbers of the bid and ask. The Forex Window also allows traders to trade currencies while watching gains and losses without having to close the window or view a different screen.

    eSignal Pro 10.2 now features Morningstar® Reports. With Morningstar Reports active traders will have access to in-depth analyst reports for more than 150 well-known and niche Exchange Traded Funds, including buying and selling prices and expected return figures.

    eSignal 10.2 continues to provide traders with the tools for which eSignal has become known while increasing accessibility and improving the entire user experience. With flexibility to choose among supported brokers, monitoring of orders and positions, powerful decision-support tools, improved peak volume throughput, QLink and CID, direct subscribers around the globe will continue to have the speed and freedom to take advantage of today’s dynamic markets.

    eSignal 10.2, eSignal Pro and eSignal, Advanced GET Edition are currently available. For more information, including pricing and a complete list of product features, please visit eSignal’s website at or call 510.723.1765.
  2. I downloaded 10.2 today after the close. I was having some issues with 8.0 chewing up lots of CPU. But I'm sure I'll be back to 8.0 soon, there is always gremlins when I try to upgrade....