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    I made a video comparing the two. ES time and sales for eSignal is on the left and the one on the right is DTN.IQ. As you can see, eSignal is ahead by a mile. I'm in the UK and eSignal has EU servers but with such a big difference I'm sure there's more to it than that.
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  2. That's downright scary, given the amount of chart "freezes" that subscribers had here in the United States during the month of January on E-Signal.
  3. You're right notouch there is more to it than that.

    I don't know anyone who trades time and sales. What would have been more appropriate would have been a side by side comparison of price.

    I currently use DTN.IQ as my charting data feed after having used Esignal for 10 years. DTN.IQ is pure unfiltered raw data. Esignal filters its' data which on a charting basis can eliminate gaps or extraneous ticks. These are the signals I want to see because it gives you an inside perspective on the market.

    For example :

    Personally I prefer to see every bump, wrinkle, mole, scar, and pimple that the market has to offer to make sure I know exactly what I'm getting myself into.

    As for speed, I've also conducted the side-by-side comparison and found a difference that was negligible at best.

  4. Quote from my2cents:

    Can you plz verify how they are flitering? I've been using eSig for several years and have never noticed an issue with data differences. Seems solid to me.
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    DTN.IQ market themselves as the only ones to offer unfiltered data but I doubt that's true. I see no evidence that eSignal data is filtered. If you look at the video I posted you'll see that some DTN.IQ feed data is aggregated compared to eSignal data.
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    Do any of you have a view on the quality of the Track Data feed compared to DTN?
  7. I was a track data client that switched.

    I can't tell you in millisecond precision about the Track Data feed.

    Somethings have a "feel" to them and in switching (aside from one small issue) the DTN feed has been far more stable than the Track Data feed. I cant whine about a 500 millisecond different in data timing. It all depends upon how far you are away from your server AND the server that is providing the data, etc....

    IOur Author states that Esignal has servers in the EU, so if DTN doesnt, there will be some data lag.

    Track Data had a habit of going down on me randomly. DTN has been rock solid. Up for 5 days straight at a time, no restarts or re-logins.
    (I joined them 1st of Feb)

    I watch ticks, but trade charts so a 1/2 second data delay won't kill me. For you rapid fire daytraders, though. :)

    Also I noticed that with my charting software, the bid ask spread and price are updated FASTER on the chart than they are in the tick windows. I am not sure what software the submitter uses, but he should consider how the software handles incoming data and sparses it out.

    Ok. I sound like a DTN fan. Yes I am. Now for the one thing I hate.

    Track Data was $55.00 for the subscription I had and provided REAL TIME FOREX data feed as part of that pkg.

    DTN requires me to spend an additional $25/month over the $55/month I am paying.

    Thats my only complaint.
  8. Yeah, so what's your point?

    Did you ever think that there may be two ways of reporting TNS? Buy side/Sell side. Or did you just think TNS is TNS. Did you ever consider eSignal may be reporting sell side TNS while DTN is reporting the aggregated buy side TNS?

    Listen, I'm going to make an empirical argument here. I used eSignal from inception when the product was first called "Interactive Data" back in 1989. The days when the screen was black and the font was green. I lasted until version 7.1 was rolled out. In my opinion the last good version of eSignal was version 3.1. I'm just drawing from experience.

    Unless you have the ability to compare price (not time and sales) over time, say on a six month basis, between the two products then you have an argument to make.

    We all know eSignal is fine, and that you get what you pay for. I just wish I had bought into the Interactive data IPO when I had the chance as opposed to paying the eSignal subscription for 13 years. I'd be a much richer man, lesson learned.

    BTW I use ARCA as my trading feed, you want to really know how slow eSignal and DTN are?
  9. About $700 a month slower. LOL.