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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Nicodemus, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. I switched to esignal a couple of months back and although I like the features allright I almost cancelled the service because of problems I was having. I got a lot of error signals and actually had to reinstall my o/s (win98) once to get it to work right again. I had been wanting to upgrade to 2000 anyhow so I decided to see if it would make any difference before I quit the service. Man what a difference!! I have not had one single problem since installing Pro. If you are having any problems you may want to consider Win2000pro.:)
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    Ain't that the truth....,i had trouble with resource warnings with metastock,put more ram in,changed up to p111,880 processor,bigger hd,whole new computer actually and it still never fixed it till i went from 98 to 2000pro.
    Have the odd little sticking problem with esignal now but nothing serious.Definataly manages the resources 10 times better
  3. I agree: eSignal is rock solid on win2000. Used it both stand-alone, with MetaStockPRO and with prop. software