Esignal users- how did post FOMC go today? Lagged or no?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by resinate, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Since I figured not too many Esignal users would be reading the thread on iqfeed where this question came up, here is a dedicated thread for us iqfeed customers to learn more.

    Mrpace asked in the thread above "I'm also a IQFeed subscriber, and am frustrated at what happened today, although I can't blame IQ for taking me out of my trade much earlier than I should have...

    However, watching IQFeed trail IB TWS by a good 30-60 seconds like you say is unacceptable....and this happens EVERY time there is a major move underway (every Fed announcment).

    Is there ANY quote provider out there that performs better under these kinds of situations. How did eSignal do today when the Fed announcement was made?"

  2. My eSignal was working just fine. My broker's feed was working great as well.

  3. Esignal and IB within a millisecond of each other the whole move.

    If you are trading seriously, get a decent system for data. Esignal is not that expensive, nor are some of the others with good data.

  4. eSignal worked fine, IB had disappearing quotes though.