esignal used wrong pswrd

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by konviction, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. when I installed esignal i accidently put in the wrong pass word. I went back to data manager to correct it, but charts still wont load, eventhough the lights are now green.

    any one know?

  2. The username and password in the data manager only controls the real time data. To make sure you have it correct for all connections, go to File in the esignal application and then preferences, and then go to the connections tab. When you fix it there, it will work for all connections and send the changes to the data manager.

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    Paul has the right instructions but it's really more a matter of which file takes precedence. Whatever un/psw is entered under File/Preferences, will overwrite what's in the DM. So, changes need to be done w/in the eSignal application to work. We left the setting in the DM in case users have a 3p application and do not run the eSignal app.