eSignal Unveils MarketCenter and Sets New Standard For Market Data Streamers

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    Hayward, CA., July 10, 2003 – eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision support tools to professional and individual traders, today announced the launch of MarketCenter™ a revolutionary new Internet service that provides real-time access to streaming market quotations from every major U.S. and European exchange, plus streaming charts with analytics and real-time market scanners.

    “We know of no other single Java product that offers this much exchange coverage – stocks, futures, options, FX, Single Stock Futures, plus European data,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “At the price point at which this service is being offered, anyone with an interest in the market can build a portfolio in MarketCenter and use their cell phone, PDA, laptop with Wi-Fi, PC or any device with an Internet connection to view their portfolios plus analytics on charts from anywhere in the world – at home, the office or while traveling. This product sets a new standard for market data streamers.”

    MarketCenter is an ultra-thin client with quote windows, detailed snap quote windows, charting and market scanners presented in an attractive Java applet. With eSignal’s award-winning products and technically advanced infrastructure supplying MarketCenter’s core data, users will have fast and reliable quotes for the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, CBOT and CME with E-Minis, as well as international exchanges like the London Stock Exchange, Germany’s Deutsche Boerse and more than 30 additional exchanges.

    In addition, the MarketCenter interface includes a “click to chat” customer support button, allowing customers to contact a live customer support representative and chat in real time. Users may also click to interact with an online community of traders at to have the exposure to and the knowledge of other traders in a peer-to-peer environment.

    MarketCenter offers access to customizable charting with the ability to view candlestick, bar and line charts. The charts support various intervals of 1-minute on up to daily and monthly views. Users can apply more than 15 overlaid studies to their charts including Bollinger Bands, ADX, Moving Averages, Commodity Channel Index, MACD, Momentum, RSI and more.

    The product also includes access to market scanners that search through more than 10,000 stocks in real time to retrieve information about top performers and laggards. Users can generate a complete list of top trading prospects based on real-time analysis and can also view Pre-Market scans, Rally Scans and customizable Power Scans to pinpoint major segments as well as individual stocks poised to move.

    Thompson added, “MarketCenter’s price points are lower than those currently offered by competitive systems and will effectively change the economics of market data delivery to individual and professional traders. I am very pleased with our company’s ability to execute on the demands of serving a global marketplace with a virtual business solution. From the use of high-speed and redundant Internet data delivery systems to real-time support and community development, MarketCenter is a major step forward for this segment of the financial services industry.”

    A free 30-day trial of MarketCenter includes access to add-on services. For more information about MarketCenter, visit

    About eSignal:
    The eSignal division ( of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) ( is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professionals and active individual investors. Building on a 20-year legacy of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. The company's suite of products includes eSignal™, eSignal Market Scanner™, Advanced GET™, eSignal Pro™ and MarketCenter™.
  2. Wiener


    Are these snap quotes? on your site it says streaming quotes... please clarify thanks.
  3. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Hi Wiener,

    Yes, this is for streaming real time quotes for US and Europe. We will be adding the ability to take them delayed soon. Also adding some Asia / Pacific exchanges in a few weeks.

  4. Sadak


    Chuck - Seems like you can have only one chart open at a time. Can you please confirm this, or may be I am missing some trick.

  5. nitro


    Let me clarify once again. Are these streaming SNAPSHOTS, or every tick is sent in the stream?

  6. If you're already an eSignal subscriber, is this included or another service?
  7. nitro - the feed for MarketCenter is tick-by-tick
  8. barend15


    Can one also use 3d party software with it
  9. No
  10. cclee


    Here are 2 limitations of the service:

    1) No drawing tools
    2) Can't open multiple charts at once
    #10     Jul 17, 2003