esignal today 12/11/07

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Truff, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Truff


    can anybody give me an idea how esignal is holding up today and for the past few weeks. My realtick is becoming a liability lately, TERRIBLE!!

  2. i have zero problems with esignal and i never had any problems with esignal, ever.

    (hoo yes wait one time it went down for a few minutes)

    today was good too, of course you get a few seconds lag in the charts when the fomc announcement came out but within minutes it was allright.

    i love esignal
  3. Frozen quotes from 14:16-14:18 and intermittently thereafter. My broker quotes were fine throughout.
  4. one thing you have to know about esignal is that in days like today, when the chart ''freezes'', its only the display, the tics are coming in fine.

    I know because im automated with esig and Ninja Trader and esignal will transmit a order fine to NT even though the charts are ''frozen''

    so its a minor display issue, and it never happens in normal market conditions (at least to me)
  5. I wouldn't call the screen freezing for 2 min. a "minor display issue." Agreed the data manager runs fine but winsig is a badly designed single-threaded app that should have been rewritten years ago.
  6. eSignal routinely behind my IB quotes and today during the meltdown, it just stopped working, for seconds at a time. IB feed into Button Trader worked fine right through the afternoon.
  7. I agree on the single thread part and yes from a software design it needs a complete overhaul. I would also improve the look and feel because it feels like a software from the windows 95 era.

    It is a minor diplay issue to me because i dont rely on the esignal display at all. as long as my orders are sent right its good to me.
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    I didn't have any issues.
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    anyone that thinks esignal is archaic, take a look at my screen. Is there any charting package out there that looks this pretty?