esignal to place autotrades through IB api

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jtnet, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Does Esig have this possibilty to send trade into tws IB and define the stop loss etc. i have some indicators writtin for esignal, such as just horzontal lines drawn on the chart automaticaly and when price reaches those i want to short or buy. or simply buy when the candle in 2 time frames are same color.

    welathlab's site is more help, has tons of sample code and pre made systems, but does not support IB too well so i chose amibroker.

    I have amibroker, i tried playing with it, and cant figure out how to do anything with it. like send orders to tws, and amibroker site is almost no help. i am not that advanced at coding and am not figuring this kinda stuff out quickly. no i dea how to design the same thing in ami or even plot the same kind of indicator lines.

    so my question is should i stick with ami for trying to make an autotrade system for Interactive brokers, or is there somthing easier/better. esig perhaps?
  2. Have a look at tradebolt. it allows you to send orders from esignal to IB.
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    not a fan of the monthly fee or per trade expense
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    in the top banners of the esignal site it shows Green and Red arrows where trades were placed as if an auto system.
    and it kind of mentions it, is it possible?
  5. I think tradebolt now has an option to pay a flat fee per trade if you don't want to commit to a monthly fee.

    At least with tradebolt you know your getting something that works. It might be worth testing with it, then if your system holds up, you can find another option down the track.

  6. why not feed the ts with owndata

    then place order via third party software
  7. Hi Jtnet,

    We've re-engineered the interface to IB in parallel with the development of our new, free trading interface, QuoteTrader.
    This post has the most current information:

    You'll automatically obtain access to the latest IB interface in eSignal once you've registered and installed QuoteTrader.

    Alternatively, you could contact the trading group directly at for a demo or follow-up questions.