eSignal TahoeCharts : is this software still developped?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. I haven't seen anything new on this software since February, it is still too complex to install, supposedly priced too high (39usd when Ensign universal is also at this price level)

    So my question is just: has eSignal stopped developping this tool?
  2. traderob


    I think the price is good because of the EXCELLENT datafill (much better than Ensign).
    But they are still having problems with futures data. I was going to unsubscribe, but see they have extended the free trial till may 31.
  3. With TWS 820, API 7.6, they have more than a problem, nothing works at all. It can't get the symbol, got stucked looking for it....

    If they release a version every 2 months I assume we will have quite often problems with IB data.

    I don't think the backfill is worth that much, I don't think also the software is worth it (a standalone advanced get software without advanced get studies and with a GUI from the early 90s). I would be ready to pay this for a lite esignal GUI, but it is too much for a software that is outdated and non evolutive.
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    No, we have not stopped developing Tahoe Charts. We have been focusing on making the installation process much easier, and the integration with different feed plug-ins much smoother by building a plug-in manager. We also have a Data Downloader coming down the pipe, along with support for 3-4 different feeds.
  5. When will it be available for testing?
  6. Chuck_T

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    As Jay said, we are working on a second beta on TahoeCharts for Brokers (as a datafeed). This will be released in about 2 weeks with more brokerage real time datafeeds available. Yes the free trial was extended so we can have this second beta. Internally we have about 10 brokerage feeds running on this.

    We learned a lot in Beta one, had no idea IB feed goes offline during the weekends, their symbology is quite different from anything we have ever seen and the install process is difficult to say the least.

    We are adding in a Plug In manager to handle multiple datafeeds and trying to make the install process easier.

    We will also hope to start beta testing another version of TahoeCharts for End of Day users. It will have access to over 1.3 million securities and over 80 exchanges allowing the user to follow 500 downloadable in an offline mode.

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  7. Chuck,

    If I want Forex brokers and IB at the same time, I will pay 2 times 39 usd ? Or do you plan to have a based fee + plugin fee ?
    For example 29usd based fee + 10 usd per plugins, that could make the product more attractive...(I still think it is too expensive for the very basic feature set offered)