eSignal Tahoe Chart $39/month including "FREE" GTIS Forex feed !

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Nana Trader, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. -Is esignal trying to kill smaller competing cheaper charting
    packages by finding new ways to force traders us Tahoe chart?

    -Is this offer fair to esignal package user, not geting free GTIS
    while paying higher monthly fees?

    Tahoe Charts for Forex -- $39 / month (no additional exchange fees or datafeed required) 30-Day Trial Now Available

    Choose this product if you want to use only Forex data with the Tahoe Charts software. If you already have an active eSignal subscription, do not install this product on the same computer with your eSignal software.
    Tahoe Charts for Forex offers real-time and historical Forex data from more than 200 contributors.
    Download Tahoe Charts 1.0 (Build 36) (Last Updated: February 19, 2004)

    Download Data Manager (Required)
    Note: Tahoe Charts for eSignal and Tahoe Charts for Forex must not be run concurrently.

    Is this another way to block eSignal users from using this offer?
    Does Tahoe chart supports EFS studies? I think GTIS Forex feed
    can be lowered for esignal premier user and higher :D
  3. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    eSignal offers many products serving different markets.

    Many FX brokers approached us about a different kind of product for users needing only Forex data. We saw a marketplace for the fast growing entry level FX traders market needing a good easy to use advanced charting package and came up with TC for FX.

    The eSignal platform is more for the professional trader with efs, level2, add on studies, etc.

    We are even experimenting with supporting other datafeeds with TahoeCharts so users have a choice of feeds.

  4. traderob


    Hi Chuck,
    I bit the bullet and paid for Esignal (the full version not premier) yesterday. I liked the idea of saving money with tahoe but it is too buggy for now.