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    babak restarted a thread for IB which gave many interesting and helpful suggestions. The discussions clarified a lot of the ideas.

    Although eSignal has a "make a suggestion" service I feel that putting them out here would stimulate conversation and give all of us many other ideas.

    Let's give it a go and see.

    When to post in this thread:

    If you have a CONSTRUCTIVE suggestion or an improvement that you think would benefit a lot of people.

    When not to post in this thread:

    If you have a problem with eSignal contact tech support

    If you want to bitch and moan, save us all and go to CQG

    If you have 1987 in your name and post here bitching you will be severely flamed.
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    I would like to see the ability to change time templates added to the favorites bar on the advanced Charts

    Secondly I would like to see the option of a lot more hotkeys added. For example you can set a hotkey to edit a time template (which you may do twice a year) but you cannot set a hotkey to select a time template which you may do twenty times a day.
  3. 1. Multithreading. The current single-threaded model is a real performance liability from the user's perspective.

    2. Put different symbols on tabs in advanced charts, just as one does different studies.

    3. Right now in advanced chart, the user can group a symbol with a time period. One should also be able to group with symbol and time period a time template, studies and color schemes.

    4. I like to stack various indicators to see how they are moving relative to each other. The current scheme of the Multiple Symbol overlay is horrendous and unworkable. One should be able to overlay symbols so each has its own scale (with independent control of scale) and they should not necessarily overlay each other but be stacked on top of each other.
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    You mean like this?

    If so, you can add any time or interval by clicking the black cross on the favorites bar on an advanced chart
  5. No, rather than have to type in a new issue when I want to change it, I want each issue to load in its own tabbed window so I just click on the tab to see. It would look like the tabs for studies. I don't want to wait for a new issue to load. You could also have the same issue but with different time periods and just quickly scan through them.
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    How about being able to change a default so that you can switch Layouts without having to confirm saving every chart and quote window.

    In my case of course I want to save all the changes all the time and it is an unnecessary delay during trading. If you could change the default when you have made a mistake (or for others who don't want this feature) it would save a lot of time. I understand you can do this with pages but not Layouts
  7. What is the use of this thread? Do you think Esignal will add the functionalities that are posted here?

    I use Esignal since 1995 in combination with Tradestation2000i.

    I have almost all these things that you miss in Esignal advanced charting.
    So if it is really important to you, buy TS2000i, and you can probably close this thread.


    i can overlay an unlimited amount of indicators in 1 screen.

    i can open an unlimited amount of tabs with in each tab 1 or more stocks complete with all the charts and indicators you need, and updated in real time. Click on a tab and you have the chart you want within a split of a second.

    i can make changes to any chart and save it as default, i can even change the look of any indicator to my wishes.

    i can make templates with predefined charts.

    I have used advanced charting from Esignal and TS2000i.
    2000i is at least 100 times better.
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    Ha ha. So true.
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    Thanks for the information. I am glad that you are happy with yur system
  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    We use many channels to determine our development priority lists. That includes occasionally reviewing what people have posted on sites like this one. We get lots of ideas sent directly to us via, we take requests through service and sales, use our forums to toss around ideas and we use our own market research. With as many users as we have, there's no shortage of feedback! The trick is to prioritize that feedback so we benefit the most users with each new release.

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