eSignal sucks ! Problems galore

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by zanek, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. zanek


    I've been an eSignal customer for a couple years, but I'm about to cancel them permanently at the end of this month.

    The software that I pay almost $200 a month for is unstable. Version 10.6 was mostly stable, but certain EFS scripts could crash the entire program.

    Version 11.1 is the worst though. I have many charts that I depend on for trading, and I randomly find out often that a chart will stop loading data so it'll be stuck at 9am with no new data when its 2pm.

    I also get random crashes with Version 11 and EFS scripts dont work the same.

    Anyway, thanks for the money suck esignal, I wasted alot of time writing code with your buggy software that I'm paying alot for, but no more.
  2. muller


    Well yeah. I'm with you.

    I've found that 11 hangs a lot. And i can't really "get a hang" with its features and design.

    As of now I wouldn't want to forego version 10.
    It's working fine and showing great. I was checking competition. No matches.
  3. davez


    Your comment about getting the hang of the new program and design hits the nail on the head. A trader (a day trader especially) uses a system that has been developed and improved over many years, and part of that system is how the trader interacts with his software. How can a trader stay 'in the zone' with his trading system when eSignal changes the look, loses previous features, and changes the hotkeys and commands he is familiar with?.

    The big issue with 10.x was the freezing up. Why didn't eSignal just improve the program design to use multicore processing, without changing the look and commands??? And why weren't all the existing features made functional FIRST before adding a pile of new features?

    New users starting from scratch may love some of the new features in this program. But as a 7 year user, who hasn't seen any personally useful improvements since 7.9, this 11.x is simply a major disappointment. I am feeling like the trader who neglected to take a small loss early.... instead wishing, hoping and asking for changes that never come.

    Dave Z