eSignal Subscription Fees?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by etherboy, Jan 17, 2004.

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    Since there are many users here use eSignal, I think I might get answers faster.

    I have IB account and use QuoteTracker for trading, but thinking using eSignal as datafeed so I can do some backtesting and automated system trading.

    My question is, if I only want to trade some futures and some stocks, how much do I have to pay. The following is a list of all futures I wanna trade:

    YM (mini Dow)
    NQ (mini NASDAQ)
    ES (mini S&P)
    ZB (30 Year Bond)
    EUR (EuroFX)

    and about 30 stocks.

    What I am thinking is that will I be able to get Basic subscription and also get all above futures data? Or I have to go with Premium service & also the add-on fee for all futures ($25) and Forex (another $50). From eSignal website, it looks like ZB & EUR trading will require me to subscribe the Premium service, can anyone confirm this? That's really expensive for me.

    And If I do subscribe to annual service, will I be able to upgrade to higher level? (If I can justify the cost)
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    -eSignal Premier: $104/mo
    -Amex: $1/mo (only if you follow ETFs)
    -NASDAQ Level I: $1/mo
    -NYSE: $1/mo
    -Futures entitlement: $25/mo (since you want below)
    -CBOT Full: $38/mo (since you want ZB)
    -CME Full: $33/mo (since you want EuroFX)


    You can subscribe to delayed FOREX for an extra $10/mo if you want to use eSignal for forex charting. Realtime spot quotes and charts you can use the free platforms offered by the many forex brokers, such as GFT, Saxo or GAIN, which IMO are better/cleaner than the indicative quotes offered by eSignal/GTIS or almost any other data vendors. Single, tradable, is better than tens/hundred, non-tradable.
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    If that's the price, it's just too expensive for me at this moment. Might have to start with basic service first.
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    How about using IQFeed with QT?

    Can you get daily/weekly chart from QT w/ IB data feed? IB datafeed is not tick to tick.

    There is promotion from eSignal for IB traders.