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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by george91107, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Can any of you tell me how to create a Moving Average of a Moving Average in eSignal? For example, a 50 MA of a 10 MA?

  2. use a 500ma ???
  3. Thanks for the idea, Trendmomentum, but that's quite what I'm looking for.

    To be clearer, let me illustrate. Let's use HD (Home Depot) for an example.

    (A) Today's close was 41.04, Friday's close was 40.52, etc...

    (B) Today's 10 period SMA of the daily closes was 39.86, Friday's was 39.60, etc...

    So what I'm looking for is to create a 50 SMA of the second series, (B) above. In other words, 39.86, 39.60 and so on for 48 more days previous. Does that make any sense?

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    Search the File Share area for moving average of moving average

    It's in there.
  5. Dude, Move to tradestation 8, esignal has very poor documentation
    esignal is for data feed purpose, not for programming purpose

    var: 50MAfiftyavarge(0);
    50MAfiftyavarge= averagefcC, length);

    I didn't verify it, but should be fine
  6. Thanks you guys, don't know what I would do without your good tips.

    Good trading.........