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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jayford, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. OK Guys,

    This should be very basic, but esignal tech support says it can't be done, so here goes.

    I wish to simply create a 2 line moving average system, and then save it as the moving average default. Can't do it. Tech support says this would be two separate studies (they have no 2 line, three line, etc choices). I have to MANUALLY enter in the values each time I wish to view the data. I do not want to run it all the time, and there is no hide feature in this software. Therefore, I have to either view it all the time, or spend way too much time with typing.

    There HAS to be some way to set up a default moving avarage study with more than one line. If not, then this is the weakest tech software I have EVER seen.

    BTW, they are also very weak in how they handle 24 hour trading. This also takes lots of customizing to make it view correctly.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Just add one ma to the chart, then the next and then right click on the chart, Style Template, Set as Default.

    Next time you create a chart, boom, 2 ma's
  3. Thanks for the reply, but that doesn't help really. I will have to then add a whole new chart each time I want to view the MA's. I don't wish to do this. Just want to be able to quicly click on and off the MA study on the charts I'm looking at. It is quicker than manually typing the data though.

    Thanks for the help anyway.
  4. formula?
  5. I don't see why a formula (efs) can't be made for this and then just saved. To make it the default MA formula you would then just replace the MA formula in the ProgramFiles/Esignal/Formulas/BuiltIn file. Alternatively you could just save it under a different name (eg, MA Dual) and put it in whatever file you want.
  6. Yeah, I figured this is what I'll have to do. Just haven't figured out how yet.
  7. Hi Jayford,

    I also have eSignal and had several indicators I needed rolled together into one "signal". I had no idea where to start, then I found this guy.

    I am NOT connected with him in any way other than having purchased a couple of things from his library and having the above work done.

    He took care of what I needed in one day, I guess it was a simple matter for him. Price was very reasonable.

    Good Trading...
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    I'm not clear on exactly what it is you wish to do. Do you want to create a setup that every Advanced Chart you pull up has the same two Moving Averages on it? Or do you want to create a setup that has a custom MA study that includes two moving averages with specific settings?

    To solve the first instance:

    Add the two desired Moving Averages to the Advanced Chart, and then save the setup as a default Style Template (Chart Options --> Style Template --> Set As Default.

    To solve the second instance:

    Create a custom EFS (eSignal Formula Script) file with the two moving averages settings, and store that in the \Program Files\eSignal\Formulas\ folder or sub-folder. Then whenever you need that study you can add it by selecting that study from the Chart Options --> Formulas folder. An FAQ on developing custom EFS studies can be found here. As an example, I've attached a 6-4 DMA Channel that I created with eSignal Formula Wizard. See below for a screenshot.

  9. Thanks Jay.

    1st method is of no help, but 2nd method may be just what I'm looking for. It does seem like way more work than any other software I've used simply for saving custom settings though.

    BTW, its quite interesting that the etrader users know more about esignal functionality than esignal tech support (excluding you of course!).