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  1. Questions coming to mind:

    1) will ES 7.1 quote and chart SSF'S on 11/8?

    2) what is the deal with ES and supermontage? although it'll be the end of 2002 before all the naz is on SM, there's been no talk about ES's SM quoting, or what the fees will be.


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    b -

    We'll have a 7.2 beta shortly (in a few weeks) that will have support for the 3 favors of Nasdaq SuperMontage. Its part of a reworked Level II screen now called Market Depth.

    We are adding SSF (Single Stock Futures), just getting the direct lines in. No data to process yet, so we'll have to see what shows up on it.


    Check out for more information.
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  4. Cool.

    Thx for your help, Chuck.

    Any idea of what the pricing will be for the new SM marketdepth features??
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    The Nasdaq SuperMontage exchange fees are as follows:

    Non Pro Pro
    Level 1 1 20
    QuoteView 9 40
    PowerView 29 75
    TotalView 150 150

    QuoteView is like Level II currently.

  6. Man, with the naz charging fees like that, am I glad I switched back to listed...hopefully I can stay with it...

    I guess we're gonna pay for their sh!tty new system one way or the other.

    Kinda funny how they're charging us higher fees for them to screw us even more.