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    Upgrades for eSignal, eSignal Pro and Advanced GET Edition Include Trading Integration Improvements, Performance Optimization, New Dashboard Customization Features and Weather Maps

    HAYWARD, Calif., June 23, 2008 – eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced the release of eSignal® 10.1, an upgrade to its award-winning flagship software. The enhancements in this upgrade are also extended across eSignal Pro® and eSignal, Advanced GET® Edition.

    eSignal 10.1, eSignal Pro and eSignal, Advanced GET Edition users now have a powerful trade manager and order entry platform with enhanced controls for delivering trade orders to a wide range of supported brokers, and for monitoring orders and positions. The trading integration feature includes a single-click trade ladder and supports bracket orders, which are designed to help limit losses and “lock in” profits. eSignal 10.1 supports 12 popular online brokers. eSignal 10.1 is also designed to significantly increase peak-time volume throughput, keeping ahead of the average 220% data increase across U.S. exchanges and feeds that has occurred in the past year. In addition, eSignal 10.1 offers QLink, a Microsoft® Excel® based add-on that dramatically improves the DDE request interface and enhances functionality with the addition of bar and time-and-sales requests. CID, which is official exchange Corrections, Insertions and Deletions, is now fully deployed as well.

    “The new eSignal 10.1 is designed to significantly increase the ability of investors and traders to evaluate their investment strategies,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “We are thrilled to offer this upgrade to our software, giving traders the advanced tools they need to make better informed decisions. As a leading desktop solution for active investors, our new eSignal 10.1 brings additional speed, power and flexibility to help our clients navigate the world’s financial markets.”

    With flexibility to choose among supported brokers, monitoring of orders and positions, powerful decision-support tools, improved peak volume throughput, QLink and CID, direct subscribers around the globe now have the speed and freedom to take advantage of today’s dynamic markets.

    Commodity traders will appreciate information contained in the new real-time weather map packages from WSI Corp., one of the world’s best services at predicting, detecting and visualizing disruptive weather. WSI weather map packages in eSignal cover the globe, including U.S. Agriculture, U.S. Energy, Europe Energy and World Coffee Crop.

    eSignal, Advanced GET Edition subscribers now have a customizable dashboard displaying chart intervals and built-in strategy session times and can compress the charts they need into one, easy-to-analyze screen. This updated Advanced GET dashboard feature is designed to allow placement of up to 100 gauges per page.

    New Features for eSignal 10.1:

    • Trading integration improvements
    • Performance optimization during peak market events
    • Weather map packages
    • Advanced GET Dashboard enhancements
    • QLink
    • CID

    eSignal 10.1, eSignal Pro and eSignal, Advanced GET Edition are currently available. For more information, including pricing and a complete list of product features, visit eSignal’s website at or call 510.723.1765.