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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Hi,

    I installed the beta 4, and went back to beta 3 in favor of the old-school level 2 windows. This is because the new SM window is not as customizable as the old level 2 windows.

    First thing - can you please keep an option to have the old-school level 2 windows in the new release??

    Second thing - in the new SM window, there is no option to get rid of the snapshot info (called "quote area" in the older level 2 window) at the top of the window. It takes up alot of space, and with the old level 2 window, you had an option to get rid of it (by clicking on the "Q" tab).

    Third thing - trying to compact the SM window by making the fields smaller is a pain. When you shrink the window down, you have the problem of losing the time and sales data, because unlike the previous level 2 windows, you cannot opt to show certain fields and not show others. All I want to see in my time and sales window is the price and the volume of each print. With the new SM window, I have to show time, price, size, etc...and I don't want to show time, or the inside B/A.

    I'll attach a pic of the way my nas level 2 window looks from the beta 3.

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    I have'nt tryed the new beta but ditto bung's comments if thats the case ,Mines almost exactly the same setup
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi Bungrider,

    Thank you for your comments. I have past them on to our product management team for their review.

    The last I heard, it was planned to remove the old level II window when we do release 7.2.

    On you second point, I'm on the latest beta and I don't have snap shot area (see attached png file). Do you have a quote area with snap shot info in the SM window on beta 4? I don't see how to even turn it on.

    On the third point, it is a little cumbersome to set the column sizes, however you can achieve the sizing that you need without losing any of the T & S data. You do need to readjust in several areas to accomplish. As for showing certain fields, this can be done by right clicking in the header column. A menu will come up in which you can select which fields you want to view. Again, check out my attachment. (p.s. I haven't added an attachment before, hopefully, I did it right!)

    Hope this helps.

    Andy S.
    eSignal Support
  4. Hey Andy,

    Thanks for your quick reply, and your SM window looks very good. I didn't realize I could R-click on the headings to change the display option, so that answers my question about deleting unwanted fields.

    I'll fire up beta 4 this weekend and see if I can get it to look like yours...

    BTW, two things I'd really love would be

    1)the option to color code neutral-minus ticks and neutral-plus ticks (neutral minus = downtick, but at the same price as the previous tick; neutral plus = upticked at same price as last tick)

    2)the option to export T&S into excel

    Also, I'd mentioned this on a separate thread, but if you guys could add a scrolling option for charts (to display different tickers in the same adv chart window at a pre-defined interval - i.e. $SOX, $VIX, $DJ being displayed at 15second intervals in the same adv chart window, so the user doesn't have to keep unique windows open for each symbol) that would be pretty cutting-edge...

    Thanks again,
  5. Hey Andy,

    I can't get my SM windows to look as nice as yours!

    When I try to scrunch them down width-wise, the B/A fields disappear to the left and I can't get this black void to disappear...

    I'm attaching two files - "big.jpg" is the window before I try to make it smaller, and in the next post, "small.jpg" is after I've made the window smaller, which is when the problem appears...
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  6. Thanks for your help,

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    Dion Loy eSignal

    bungrider, I have a feeling you're just resizing the outer window. Try squishing the time & sales window to the right by grabbing on the vertical area between the T&S and Level 2, and move that to the right.

    THEN resize the outer window towards the left.