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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bluedemon77, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. bluedemon77

    bluedemon77 Guest

    I use eSignal with AmiBroker and it seems to be running as slow as molasses today. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

    I tried DTN but wasn't happy with all of the odd ticks that eSignal filters out. Are they any faster than eSignal, especially with AmiBroker?
  2. Very slow for me also today and sometimes incomplete and incorrect charts on certain time frames.
  3. notouch


    Worked fine for me today.
  4. Josh009


    slow to load new charts/time & sales data
  5. bluedemon77

    bluedemon77 Guest

    FYI, I just got an email from eSignal and they were indeed having server problems today.
  6. I was also having that problem. I seemed to start in the afternoon.
  7. Fractal


    Contacted eSignal. It was a problem on their end -- even went so far as to say that it seems to often happen in January, for some reason.
  8. chud


    Seems to happen often period.
  9. bluedemon77

    bluedemon77 Guest

    WHIW, eSignal's back to normal today.
  10. Fractal


    Just so you know, I talked to eSignal again today. It's still going on, and it's been a problem for a week or so
    #10     Jan 10, 2007