eSignal slow 5-min and 1-min charts

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  1. Anyone else been having problems with eSignal 5-min and 1-min advanced charts loading SLOW intraday?

    The problem doesn't seem to be with my ISP since quotes and all other applications I run are working very fast.

    Seems to me to be a problem on the server end that handles just the intraday advanced charts.

    Other than this slowness issue I really do like eSignal very much.

    I am running v7.3 at work and have the same problem with my version 7.4 at home when I trade from there.
  2. haven't noticed that, is the window itself loading slowly or the data fill. Also, what do you consider slowy?



    Did you check for packetloss?

    Is The Forge and Jimmy Z's still hopping on Wed and Thu nights?
  4. My 5-min charts and 1-min charts data fill is very slow, sometimes taking 10 seconds and sometimes taking 30 seconds or more.

    Also, this problem is intermitant, not always there.

    I posted here to see if others are having the same problem, if not then it must be on my end, maybe with the router in our office.

    Anyway I look forward to any more replys

    Ramoutar, how can I check for packet loss? and yes The Forge and Jimmy Z's still have some action, but you either need to be beautiful, famous or have a lot of money.




    ping -n -20

    tells pc to send packets of information to yahoo 20 times.
  7. Last month, I spent 4.85 hours on the phone with E-Signal Support trying to figure out why my connection via high speed cable modem and Windows XP on a Dell with 512mb of RAM could not produce a SOLID CONNECTION for my 1 and 5 minute charts of the S&P futures and the SPY's. After just a few minutes, ONE of the charts would drop its connection, never reconnect ( even though the server was showing GREEN ) and then, the other chart would eventually drop its connection too! What made it even stranger was the fact that both of the charts never went down SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!

    While doing a ping test and a "trace-route" I was able to ascertain that I was losing 100% packet loss on one of the Hops.
    Unfortunately, this was not a hop that was part of my cable modem companies broadband network. Hence, I could not do anything about seeing that this Hop could get fixed. And by the way, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, just a hop, skip, and a jump from E-Signal's headquarters.

    Turns out that the Hop that I was having problems with was an SBC maintained Hop and E-Signal is a customer of SBC! A trouble ticket was written, ( this was almost a month ago ) and to this day I have no idea as to what kind of resolution, favorable or unfavorable.

    In the meantime, E-Signal wanted to try and duplicate my exact trading system ( Andover's Hammer, Cytrix Client Based ) in order to troubleshoot the problem. This was over a month ago as well. . . I have not heard any progress from them since.

    As a result, I am using REAL-TIC, and have been doing so without any problems whatsoever.

    As you can well imagine, the 4.85 total hours spent on the phone during the month of June was a tremendous DISTRACTION. Definitely something that I would not wish anyone to go through.

    Just my 2 cents.
  8. Daryn


    except on larger intraday time frames as well...sometimes it takes 5-20 seconds for the data to load into the chart. I also seems to vary sometimes from symbol to symbol...if I type in another symbol it might come up right away...enter another and it takes 10 seconds.

  9. Ramoutar, thanks for the info on checking packet loss.

    I have done the ping and tracert checks when eSignal tech support was on the line with me and everything was ok

    Daryn, I have Exactly the same problem you are having.

    I am starting to think it has something to do with eSignal's ISP having intermittant problems or it could just be overloaded servers. The tech rep I spoke to a eSignal also suggested that might be the issue, but I don't k now what will be done about it.

    I think everyone who is having this problem needs to keep alerting eSignal to the problem and maybe one day they can get it fixed.
  10. It's one of those deals where E-Signal says that their servers are running fine ( which they could very well be ) and YOUR ISP is running fine ( which it could very well be ), but somewhere out on the Internet SuperHighway there is a telecom company that is dropping the ball on one of their Hops because they just don't give a shit!

    And it is such a shame, because all it would probably take to fix is a simple "swap-out" of a router card.

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