Esignal Simple MA Question, (literally a simple question)

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  1. Here is what I'm trying to do:

    On an Esignal 60-Interval chart, I plot the 5 day MA and 20 day MA, (both calculated by closing prices.... no offsets) - I am trying to replicate these numbers in my Excel spreadsheet.... I have all the historical prices and the real-time quote....

    *What I don't understand is this:

    On my spreadsheet, I currently calculate the MA using the past 19 closing prices with the current real-time quote, (for the 20 day MA).... I do the same for the 5 day MA, (obviously using the past 4 days closing prices with the current real-time quote) - why do these numbers differ from what the Esignal charts show?

    Moreover - why do the MAs differ depending on what time-frame of chart you are plotting? For example, on a 5-Interval chart of DE the 20 day MA is currenty 42.97...... and looking at a 60-Interval chart of DE, the 20 day MA is 42.80.... if these MAs are all figured on closing prices and the current price, shouldn't they be the same accross all time frames?
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    It's all about math and the methodology so we should be able to figure this out. Can you look at the raw data (tabular for ex) and then PM me with the results and we'll take a look.

  3. Are you sure you are applying a 5-day and 20-day MA or is it possible that you are applying a 5-period and 20-period MA?

    To add a 5-day and 20-day MA to an interval chart with an interval of something like 60-minute, you need to go to the EFS2 Custom folder under Formulas on the right click. Select the CustomMA.efs file and make sure to edit the length to what you want and also, most importantly, place a D in the empty field for Interval. This will force the MA to be a Daily MA no matter what interval the chart is on.

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    Also make sure you're comparing apples to apples as well... sounds like in your excel spreadsheet you're just calculating a simple moving average... are you sure that you have simple moving averages applied to your charts and not exponential moving averages (or some other type of moving average that is smoothed)?

    Also, in your post you say that your MA's are set to use the closing price... but in your excel spreadsheet you said you're taking the last price -- not the closing price... might want to make sure that esignal is actually set to use the last price not just the closing price (or change the way you're calculating it in excel).