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  1. Anyone know how to get to a much older date on a 1 minute chart without scrolling for an hour?

  2. Tools/Go To Date.

    Note that you will need to have time template set to go back far enough to gather the date that you are requesting.

    Hope this helps.

  3. ^Thanks...

    These are the choices under Time Templates:

    Equity RTH-West Coast
    Equity RTH-East Coast
    1 Day
    2 Day
    24 Hour
    2 Day Tick

    Doesn't look like anything that I would need. And they are the same inside "Edit".
  4. If you are not familiar with setting up time templates, you can use the Help button and search for "time templates" and/or "time templates editing" which explains how to do so.

    In short, you'll want to either create a new template (to prevent fussing up your current one :) and set the days back to whatever you need, or edit your current one to include the time frame you are wanting to review.

  5. Thanks a lot StealthTrader.

    Much appreciated.
  6. you could also use ctrl+left arrow to scroll much faster.
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    Ctrl + Left-arrow is, as 50 cent mentioned, the speediest way to scroll back. For even more information on Time Templates, feel free to explore these resources.

    Video Tutorial
    KnowledgeBase Article
  8. Learn something new every day! I wasn't aware of the "Ctrl + Left-arrow" function for faster scroll. Thanks for that tip!

    Regarding the original posters question, he was looking for a "much older date on a 1 minute chart without scrolling for an hour." Althought the "ctrl+left arrow" feature is good to know and would indeed lessen the time to scroll, a time template to reach back to a much older date would still be needed; is this not correct?

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    It isn't required, but can help. The reason for this is that most of the default Time Templates are in Dynamic Mode. This mode means that eSignal will make a request to the server for historical data as the user scrolls back.

    Stepping back for a second -- a Time Template controls two things: 1) The hours of an intraday chart and 2) the amount of data loaded on a chart. We're talking about the latter. -- Ok. Back to the regular question...

    Having a Time Template with 120 days will force eSignal to download the entire 120 days vs. just what is needed at the time. This means that there will be more initial bandwidth usage up front (i.e. when a chart first loads,) but it will be able to display historical data faster once that data does load then when the chart is in Dynamic Mode.
  10. Jay,

    I have often thought that there should be a better / faster way to move to a certain intra day bar.

    This is a my suggestion for how it could be improved:

    When you place the cursor on a particular daily bar (or hourly bar) and right click on that bar, the right click menu would contain a number of intra-day time frames associated with that bar. If you were to select 5 minute bars, the chart would load five minute bar data for the date your mouse is located on.

    This way there would be no need to scroll or stuff around typing in a date.

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