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  1. When I try to scroll back on ES on a 1min chart to previous days, my screen freezes after going back just a few days. This lasts for 2-3mins then I can continue. The further back I go, the smaller the period between freezes and the longer they last, until after about 8-10days days of scroll back there is a permanent freeze. This basically makes it impossible to look back at any old ES charts.

    I have tried this on 2 different computers one with NT4 and one with XP and the same problem occurs so as far as I'm aware it is not a computer problem.

    Does anyone else have this problem and if the Esignal guys read this, is this a known problem. This is the first charting program that I've used where you couldn't just put in a date for the chart but have to spend time scrolling back.
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    yes, I think they carry intra day data for 2 days max, thus they should say no more data instead of just freeze your screen, I may be totally wrong on this tho. Qchart never has this probl.
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    It sounds like you are using a Time Template that is in Dynamic mode. In this state, scrolling the chart back requests more data from the server. The length of time it takes to download the data really varies on the connection between our servers and your PC at the time of the download. Please be aware that you can better control the amount of data loaded into the chart by using Time Templates.

    Here's a nice example how this can be controlled. Also, here's an FAQ on using Time Templates to assist further.
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    We currently carry 60 days of intraday data, and this will soon be increased to 120 days (mid-November).