esignal rules the house

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by OVERtheLINE, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. They're a paid advertiser - guess they can draw attention anyway they want :)
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  2. tntneo

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    it's not really fair to say that.
    I think the program suck in the past. really suck. Quotes were OK but you always needed to pay extra for any software package to add on it.

    For the price, eSignal was really poor vs other providers at the same price.

    But the new version is such a leap forward with some really great features. now you have very good price/quality ratio. beating other packages in my opinion.
    I think that's why you often read good comments now.

    And when you think they improved a lot and it's fine, they hook up with IB for real integrated trading. There are many IB traders here.
    So they started far behind but, it is inevitable that they get very much attention now.

    other good quality software get attention and they are not advertisers. it's only because of number of users in ET and quality of the product (think Wealth-Lab).

    just my opinion.
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    With all due respect esignal could improve thier ads.:cool:
    Like Larry McMillion could throw in a few trading hints,different for each ad.[spelling] Trade prospecter does it. I use esignal.

    Most gardners try not to shovel snow;they specialize.
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    Another way to look on it .
    I dont use level two for my swing trading + daytrading + Don't want to pay for it .

    Old [ expired]Quicken quotes + Realtick give you a choice{$} concerning level two;prefer that logic.:cool: That is they charge ''more'' for level 2.
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  5. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Murray, if you are looking for trader's hints, a whole section of our new site is geared towards that. Can't do much in an ad, but here is Larry McMillan, Tom Joseph, John Bollinger and more with help:

    Check out all parts of the site with file sharing and our own message boards: . Uses the same technology as elite so it easy to use.

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  6. Sat morn:

    What the heck is wrong with Esignal today????

    BAC C TXU AA symbols plus others I am sure.

    I get 1000 as a daily high on all these symbols.

    The price filter has no effect.

    Anybody else see this???
    #16     Nov 30, 2002
  7. Chuck_T

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    Somehow the exchange opened up and sent a bunch of bad data effecting many vendors. It should be all cleaned up now. Let us know if you see anything else.

    On the support section of eSignalCentral there is a place to report bad prices if you see this again so we'll be alerted quicker.

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  8. Chuck_T

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    Been sure to register and visit the new eSignal users forum. Over one thousand members and growing. Lots of information on the new releases, new EFS studies, and resources on the features of eSignal.

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