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  1. gotta hand it to you guys........this week when comstock(protrader-gr8trade) lost its feed to esz your direct connection came in handy.... and all in all its a great service
  2. So what do you like about it? I use realtick right now, but have had a couple of other people mention esignal as being a good product. I am wondering if it is worth looking into to make the switch over and if there are any glaring advantages over Realtick.
  3. ill email u tomorrow with the pooh.....hope your doing well!!!!!!!!!
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    I have not seen the latest release of RT but as a former Rt user, it really does not compare to esignal with regards to charting and some other capabilities. Granted, I used RT for yrs trading stocks and cannot say anything bad about the product, they are constantly improving the software, they listen to their customers, but so does Esignal, and after having used the new version of esignal for quite some time I have become accustomed to it. It still has its bugs, but its less than a yr old, at least the new version with advanced charting and efs is. Esignal offers a 30 day deal I would recommend if you use charts, if you just use l2 or other things I would maybe stay with RT just because you are probably so familiar with it anyway. I have heard but cannot confirm this, that RT futures data is suppose to be much better than esignals. Again I only used RT for stocks so I cannot say for sure but this is what I have heard. Good luck, and maybe consider trying esignal out. Ciao
  5. I run e-Signal and Tradestation. Friday morning was the first problem I have had with e-Signal in the 6 plus months I have been using it - the S&P data was lagging big time - Tradestation has problems several times a month.
  6. I like esignal but one thing that really pisses me off is their $50 surcharge for level two and I cannot get any answer from them on their logic for this charge so I take every chance I get to vent.:mad: :mad: :mad:

    p.s. They waive the charge if you sign up for a year but as fast as things change in this business I dont want to commit to anything that long.
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    Kinda odd that this is the second time in a short while that somebody starts cheerleading e-signal out of the blue. I can't remember any similar thread about an other company or product.
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    The beta version of 7.2 is now available to all. Check out the coming feature list with SuperMontage, Island and Arca books here:

    Also, there are mini releases of new data types coming out.

    The Single Stock Futures (SSF) are now available from One Chicago.

    The new Mix and Match (M&M, take some exchanges real time, take others delayed and save on exchanges fees). M&M is available for the US markets now, coming soon for the European markets.

    In a few weeks two new streaming News feeds will be added, "Fly on the Wall" and "Real Time Trader's News".

    Also the new eSignal chat:

  9. Would the "region fee" be applied when using M & M?
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    No region fees apply when adding one of the new delayed bundles to your RealTime account. You simply pay the $10/mo ( or $5/mo for pre-pays ) for each bundle.

    You can add the new delayed bundles anytime here:

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