eSignal Releases FutureSource WorkStation 3.2

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    eSignal Releases FutureSource WorkStation 3.2

    Update to Suite of Trading Tools Includes Rolling Spread Symbols, Forward Curves and an RSS Reader; Users Benefit from eSignal’s Reliable Data and Support and Access to the Third Largest Market Data Vendor

    HAYWARD, Calif., November 3, 2008 – eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced the release of FutureSource® Workstation 3.2.

    The FutureSource Workstation 3.2 platform provides users with access to high-demand services, such as rolling spread symbols, forward curves and an RSS reader. Rolling spread symbols (also known as rolling summer, winter and annual strips) and forward curves are critical tools used to predict the direction of stocks and futures. The RSS reader allows users to select news or feeds to automatically monitor and import. Clients can also create alerts using RSS feeds from news sites such as the United States Department of Agriculture and Federal Reserve News and Datafeed, and categorize the feeds based on headlines, topic, publishing date or author.

    Customers using FutureSource Workstation 3.2 will continue to benefit from eSignal’s competitive pricing, customer support, comprehensive training and dedicated account managers. They will also benefit from having access to data from Interactive Data Corporation, the third-largest vendor of market data– with a choice of over 125 exchanges – multiple market capabilities, and dynamic data exchange.

    “FutureSource Workstation 3.2 further strengthens what was already an exceptionally powerful platform for aggregating, organizing and analyzing market data,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “The enhancements we’ve added – from improved custom data for comprehensive data analysis to custom forward curve charts that provide the ability to uncover trends in the larger market – provide traders with unparalleled analysis and decision support.”

    eSignal's new forward curve engine, featured in Workstation 3.2, is a fully customizable forward curve that provides users with transparent, instantly available price predictors assisting them in better identifying market trends and investing opportunities. The forward curve engine allows users to view both current forward curves and historic forward curves. It also utilizes overlays, up to 60-plus technical indicators, and offers users a choice of different plot styles. Forward curves can be based on any futures symbol, including strips, spreads or any custom formula. Users can view the curve data in typical chart format or in a tabular data table, enabling them to export the underlying curve information into Excel for further analysis.

    Other new features and functionality within FutureSource Workstation 3.2 include:

    •A new external custom data feature that enables users to combine their own data sets within FutureSource Workstation 3.2 to chart and to perform comprehensive technical analysis on the data. This new feature supports data within Excel, CSV or tab delimited files, and supports aggregation of daily, weekly, monthly, tick and intraday data.
    •Seasonal charts with the ability to chart representations of market trends for commodities.
    •Custom symbol library for the creation and use of custom formulas, expressions and symbols.
    •Full compatibility to run within a Citrix environment.
    •A new updated framework that delivers improved performance to help users stay ahead of the ever-growing market volume.
    •Built in energy functions for charting and quoting summer, winter and annual calendar strips.


    FutureSource Workstation 3.2 is available now and current users may upgrade at no additional cost. For a complete list of FutureSource Workstation 3.2 features, as well as an overview of the service, visit For pricing, call 510.723.1765.