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    HAYWARD, Calif., March 9, 2010 – eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced that it has received top accolades from multiple publications and industry associations, including honors from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Trade2Win (T2W), and the Web Marketing Association.

    “eSignal continues to be recognized among the top financial information services providers, and I am pleased to say that the credit for our ongoing success goes to our outstanding team of designers, developers, and marketing and administrative personnel who are truly the brains and brawn behind these services,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “Each of the publications and organizations who have recognized our products are standards in the industry, and we are honored to receive these respected awards.”

    eSignal received a number of awards from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, led by the top award in the Real-Time/Delayed Data category. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities is a leading industry publication that serves professional and individual traders and investors in the U.S. eSignal was also a first runner-up in the End of Day Data, Software Over $1,000, and Software Under $500 categories, as well as a finalist in the Institutional Platform and Professional Platform categories.

    eSignal®, Advanced GET® Edition also received accolades from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities and was first runner-up in both the Trading Systems Futures and Trading Systems Stocks categories.

    eSignal also received two gold medals from T2W in the 2009 Members Choice Awards, the highest honors from a leading online community Web site for active traders in the UK. For the third year in a row, eSignal received the gold in the Best Real-time Data Feed category, and eSignal, Advanced GET Edition received the gold in the Best A.I Software. In addition, eSignal and eSignal OnDemandSM received bronze awards in the Best Software for U.S. Intra-Day Traders and Best Software for U.S. EOD Traders, respectively.

    Additionally, eSignal was the first place recipient in the Data category of the 2009 Superior Trading And Resource (STAR) Awards, sponsored by, an interactive social-networking site for active traders and investors., the website used to market its active trader services, also received the 2009 WebAward for Outstanding Website from the Web Marketing Association.

    About Interactive Data Corporation:

    Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) is a leading global provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions to financial institutions, active traders and individual investors. The Company's businesses supply real-time market data, time-sensitive pricing, evaluations and reference data for millions of securities traded around the world, including hard-to-value instruments. Many of the world's best-known financial service and software companies subscribe to the Company's services in support of their trading, analysis, portfolio management and valuation activities. Interactive Data, headquartered in Bedford, Mass., has approximately 2,400 employees in offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Pearson plc (NYSE: PSO; LSE: PSON), an international media company, whose businesses include the Financial Times Group, Pearson Education, and the Penguin Group, is Interactive Data Corporation's majority stockholder.

    For more information about Interactive Data Corporation and its businesses, please visit Interactive Data’s newly launched, web site at

    About eSignal:

    eSignal (, Interactive Data Corporation’s (NYSE: IDC) desktop solutions business, is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professional traders and active individual traders. Building on a legacy of 25 years of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics.
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    well, it's not utopia but is certainly the best bang for the buck. i have alot of clients starting to use it, and i got a subscription two months ago. works great with scanners, and supports exchange implieds.
  3. TASC, T2W and the "Web Marketing Association'?? The 'Web Marketing Association'???

    Sorry, but this is a joke. TASC is 6 years behind the times at best. T2W? All that means is that T2W has the biggest proportion of credulous newb retail traders.

    The 'Web Marketing Association'??? Jesus Christ.

    Try calling eSignal in the middle of a trading day when your quotes are gone. But don't call the 1-800 number... because they don't have one.

    Not 1 in 50 pros use eSignal, mainly because the product is a chronic underperformer. eSignal reps here admitted last year that they had been spending way too much time on marketing and not enough time optimizing their product. The recurring line in all the eSignal complaint threads was 'We're aware of these problems and we're doing everything we can to fix them'.

    I tried the product when I was first starting out and found it way overpriced and badly laggy. There's been nothing I've seen here to indicate that anything has changed. In particular, the pricing was ridiculous. DTN/IQ, essentially the same in terms of quality, was something like 1/2 the price. Also crappy, but at least you're not spending $200/month on it.
  4. When is Esignal going to get their bid/ask differential data cleaned up for proper Cumulative Delta volume work?

    Right now DTN.IQ is the rock solid choice for proper bid/ask volume data. Also, does Esignal have any plans for their NYSE $TICK market breadth indicator to plot with only 1 second delay from reality? :)
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