Esignal really out doing themselves

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  1. The efs engine creates so much possibilities I..I..I don't know what to say. This is a Murreymath efs with EW GET
  2. Another efs ( not mine, search the file share area) showing SO9 from Jan high
  3. awesome!

    what am I looking at in these pictures?
  4. Just some neat things you can do with the efs (which are not mine but in the file share area) and a way to trade with them. obviously not all the "secrets" are shown but a taste as to how I use these tools. Benn trying to attach my Gann wheel that shows resistance at 835,851,864,894,911 for this move off 806. If Todd sham is in play I will look to short @854-878 area (maybe sooner who knows, but always with a tight stop) . I'll just leave the url and play with the first 30 days free (use the square overlay to see my work) but Esignal really steals the show here.
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    Some new eSignal Formula Scripts (EFS) are available for eSignal including Volume Profile, Murrey Math, EquiVolume, and Square of Nine and more. For those interested in seeing the real power of the eSignal Formula Scripting language, take a look at these studies Chris Kryza posted on eSignalCentral:

    Chris also did a great job of documenting each one. This is very useful for others as they learn more about eSignal Formula Script (EFS) language. These really show off the new eSignal and its open platform for adding in new charting studies. Since the release of the 7 series version of eSignal, hundreds of new scripts have been posted.

    I highly recommend everyone take a good look at these new studies.
  6. do you ever question the utility of all this fancy shmancy stuff? i mean, this stuff looks more like eye-candy than legit trading tool.
  7. If Elliot wave and Gann are your thing for trading than the eye-candy is just another tool in your arsenal. Maybe your such a good trader you don't need as many as me, so be it. I'm not going to a gun fight with a butter knife, I'm bringing both pistols, a rifle or this comes to mind "Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have
    it." - David Crosby
    Entry is where the simplicity is but confidence is where the eye-candy comes in real handy, @ least for me and maybe a few others here as they are why I posted the charts.
  8. Cute - it would be better if it was actually computed correctly though :)
  9. it doesn't look like murrey math lines are true S/R either, just watch today's price action so far the ES has been hovering around the 843.75 level, so 843.75 is neither to-the-tick support nor resistance.
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    Don't currently use esignal so I can't see where the lines are being placed. I do use MM in another charting package and have taken his class. As for the 843.75 it was a valid number this morning on the ES at the 0/8th which there are mm rules for what to do. After the frame shift it (843.75) moved to the 4/8th line assuming the spacing is set to be 1.95 per line. I not trying to start a mm conversation but trying to help those who are looking at mm lines in esignal.

    Current numbers using 1.95 spacing as of 2pm eastern on an 8 min chart.

    0/8=835.94 1/8=837.89 4/8=843.75 7/8=849.61 8/8=851.56

    These are for price.

    Does the mm for esignal also do time lines as well? tia

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