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  1. I hate eSignal.

    Those F'in bastards
  2. I spent $30 drinking beer last night, what is $1 gonna do to you
  3. That's not the point, the point is they should be lowering fee's not raising them.

    You know what, Nana, why don't you just pay them 50 dollars more instead.

    Go ahead.

    It's one more dollar I have to pay for a company that takes advantage of it's customers.

    I'd rather donate 50 dollars to the guys at Quotetracker or IQ than pay 1 dollar to eSignal for their horrible pracitices.

    I just figured I'd let all the wonderful customers of eSignal know that if they screw you once, they screw you twice,..... and well, they just keep on screwing you to death.

    But hey, who cares, eSignal the "Greatest company" in market data is becomming more and more rich.
  4. They didn't know some kiddo will object to $1 increase
  5. It's crap like this that pisses me off during the weekends.
    eSignal is more stressful than trading itself.

    I hate this company with a passion, and I mean a pure passion like my passion for trading itself. I don't care if it makes me look like a psycho, I hate this damn company and will not stop until everyone knows about these issues.

    I'm happy I'm going out for Pizza tonight, I have italian in my family.

    The ongoing saga of eSignal and their timeline of crap I deal with from eSignal continues.

    I guess this is chapter 2 of the story.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
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    "In order to off-set the high administration and network infrastructure costs associated with providing real-time data for each of these exchanges..."

    LOL. I remember that line a few months before REFCO went down. I was paying about $19 a round turn. Did they really need to charge me $1 a month for real time CME e-mini data?

    I think not.

    It might have something to do with a licensing fee with their data provider. I don't think Esignal is getting it straight from the exchanges but from an intermediary.

    When I first started trading, when they (Esignal) were called DBS(data broadcasting service) I was paying through the nose for quotes. I even had a quoteTrek back then. Little FM device I used to trade OEX options. Fond memories.
  7. I used esignal (among other services) back in my prop days. Their cost was unjustifiable then, and now that they are raising it even higher, it is just purely exorbitant. Other providers can do the same for a half, a third, or even a quarter of what they charge. Paying for esignal services is like buying a stock with a PE of 200 - yes you can brag about it at a party but will it necessarily give you the required rate of return?
  8. Good thing my firm pays for my Esignal, so its on their dime not mine :)

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    they should be lowering the fees for such a crappy product...and remember - if your esignal is not working right, the PROBLEM IS DEFINETLY ON YOU SIDE, no way possible on earth could it be Esignal, just ask tech support. Esignal Motto: Customer Always WRONG!
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    I keep hearing everyone complain about esignal so I have 2 questions

    1. if you don't like them why use them and

    b. what do you people recommend as a charting service other then esignal?
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