Esignal Quotes Lagging Big Time Today

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  1. They are way off from CQG, 10 points easy.
  2. my redi+ is slow as hell and so is my software which uses mytrack for data. And i`m on a t-1.

    Street wide data issues???
  3. Switch to September contract...
  4. I am in the Sep contract.
  5. Figured that... just goofing on you. :D

    I have not experienced any eSignal lag this AM...
  6. fseitun


    Yep, same lagging here...i wouldn't say 10 ticks but a few for sure...

    It might be due to early volatility when prices were acting a little whacky...

    Now it's settled down.
  7. I just switched to eSignal a few weeks ago for RT E-Mini and YM. Using CQG Trader as a front end. This morning eSignal was lagging CQG badly. In fast markets eSignal would simply not draw anything in my charting app, nothing at all. Then when the market settled down, the 3 minute candle would just pop to the current price - i.e., I would not see it jumping around as if it were getting each and every tick late and in a 'clump'.

    Anyone else? For me this really sucks because my signals appear graphically in my charting program and I need to see the signal to pull the trigger. 4-6 ticks is a big deal to me.
  8. if you don't use TT for trading and CQG for charting you are at a distinct disadvantage speed and reliability are very important
  9. This may NOT be the case but its worth looking into...

    watch your CPU during data bursts of spikey moves and see if you top out... which would create a delay in receiving quotes, etc...

    Their DataManager is not the most efficient piece of software... Look up OTHER THREADS on this everyone... it does not handle data volume bursts well... they raise their prices but they do not deliver First Class Software...

    Maybe they had latency probs at their Ticker Plant feed so then this would not be the case but i was just wondering since i have discussed this with others who have had this prob this way...

    good luck... skill... etc...

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  10. Thanks, I'll try that. Here's the comment I got from the developer of my charting software

    As for eSignal - it is good, but not perfect. The lag you are seeing to CQG is not uncommon for eSignal. The reason is that on actively traded contract as ES there can be more than 300 ticks per second on very active moments and because eSignal
    is tick-by-tick feed it must send every tick separately - this kind of activity may saturate their servers and/or your connection and you will see delay.

    The fastest feed (unfortunately not perfect too) for ES is Interactive Brokers. It should be faster than CQG.
    The reason for this is that they don't send all ticks. They send updates at constant pace of 5 updates per second. So every 0.2 sec one data packet arrives holding current price. This has advantage of being immune to spikes in trading activity (data flow is constant), but has disadvantage of:
    a) not being able to see all trades (ticks) b) possiblity of not capturing true high/low when prices make a high or low within 0.2 second
    and retrace back so "last price" in 0.2 sec interval does not represent true high/low.

    I don't think the .2 second interval is a problem for me since I trade intraday off of 3 minute charts.

    I opened an IB account (finally) and I'm curious to see how things go there. It's hard to wade through the customer service horror stories here but the more I read them, the more convinced I am that half of the problems are caused by the people doing the complaining. IB employees so far haven't won any awards for friendliness but they've been competent. And for Canada, they're in Montreal, and everyone knows Quebeckers are notoriously snarky :)
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