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  1. I am about to order the eSignal basic package.

    I want to have access to Tick and Trin for NYSE. Is it enough if I order NYSE data or should I order something more?

    Is anyone using eSignal to feed TS2000i? I would like to know how to go about backfilling my ES and NQ data for TS.

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  3. Is Advanced Charting included in the Basic Package too?
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    Turns out a reply has already been posted over there.
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    Is Advanced Charting included in the Basic Package too?

    Yes Advanced Charting is available at no extra charge - along with the ability to write your own study using eSignal's JavaScript
  6. Yes, thanks, I am now in the process of getting there.
  7. on this eSignal user forum? I registered and I am still waiting for the confirmation. It's been taking almost an hour.
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    Here is the reply...

    1) NYSE should suffice for TICK and TRIN

    2) There are a number of TS2k users with eSignal feed.
    You can use the ActiveX Plugin for TS2k which is provided for free by eSignal


    It shouldn't take long at all to get registered, I thought you could read posts without registering, registering required only to post.
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