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  1. I am using Esignal to chart ES movements throughout the day. However, I want to reduce the noise in my charts by only plotting the ask price and not the "last sale" price. How can this be done? I see no options to plot "BID / ASK / LAST SALE." It seems to only graph the last sale price.

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    Hi Aphie,

    You can plot just the ASK price in eSignal. This can be done in both the Standard Charts and Advanced Charts.

    For the Advanced Charts, with the AC chart as the active window, right click within the chart & select "Edit Studies". A Study properties dialog box will appear. At the top, you'll see a settings window titled, "Study:" Be sure the Tick study is selected, then just below you'll see another settings window titled, "Chart type:". Click on the down arrow to bring up the drop down menu & select, "Line/Tick". Remove check marks in all three categories for Trades & Bid. This will give you a tick chart for just the Ask.

    In the standard charts, be sure you have it set to Tick Chart. Right click within the tick chart & select colors. Go to "Bid (Tick Charts Only)" highlight & click on Change Color button. Then change the color to be the same as the background color. Select OK & exit out. At top of the chart is a set of icons. Be sure the B/A icon is turned on (depressed) and the "TR" (Trade) icon is turned off. This will give you just the ask price.

    Hope this helps.

    Andy S.
    eSignal Support
  3. Mr. Esignal Support Man,

    Wicked cool. :cool:

  4. Pound


    When is esignal going to add the CBOE Put/Call Ratio to the software?

  5. Andy or Scott -

    Will the gold version of esig have a way to show bid-ask prices in advanced charts? Right now I have to use a standard chart with the quote window turned on, then overlay an advanced chart on top of it but not covering the std chart's quote window.

    A real painus in the anus.

    Also is there a way, in adv charts, to just display ticker symbol, time period and not "candle"? We know it's a candle chart by looking at it.

    Thanks -