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    I've recently subscribed to Esignal and Im having a real difficult time trying to get a spread chart plotted based upon the "day's change". For instance, if I want to use the following formula:

    (2.5 * MSFT(change from prior close) - (dell(change from prior close).

    So if MSFT is up say +.35 on the day, and dell is +.25, my spread should be plotting and charting +.625 or .63 if it has to round up.
    Im trying to get this calculated in 'change of price' and all I can do is multiply it by the last price. I can't figure out how to get the 'days net change' to be used for my formula.

    Any suggestions or help would be great. I've been on the esignal bulletin board and been told that I need to create an efs. I have NO programming abilities, nor do I have the time to learn EFS. And I really have been researching this and wasting alot of time over the last 10 days or soo. What Im trying to do, (which I think should be pretty basic and is not very original) has been really hard to find with all the free efs and examples out there.

    Does anyone know of a similar efs? or would be willing to share or help me create it. Im starting to research some outside companies that program these types of things, but that might get a little pricey for something that really seems soo simple and something my data provider should provide.

    Any suggestions?

    :( :confused:
  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    While EFS will do the trick, this sort of thing is often done via DDE links in Excel. eSignal supports DDE and the "change" field is one of the fields available to you within Excel.

    One drawback to this method is that you have to chart the results within Excel, not in eSignal. You will also need to know a little about Excel in order to store the data, chart it, etc.

    I've attached a simple sample with your example and live DDE links that should populate once you load it (as long as you have eSignal running).

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    Thanks for your example. I think Id like to keep the efs route that way I can add studies to it. Im thinking I might have to get one of the outside vendors to help me program it. Im sure it won't take someone proficient in efs more than a few minutes. If I had more time I guess I could try and do the efs myself, but like I said, I've been puttering around with this far too long and have really not gotten very far with it.
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    EFS is far more powerful than DDE so that is the way to go if you can. Since it is a programming language, there is a certain amount of work/knowledge required. Our consultants do a great job but if you want to try it yourself, we have given you somewhat of a head start here.